Inspiration ~ A Vintage Tiki Party!

Yes, the Fourth of July holiday in the United States is upon us, and summer is in full swing.  Now my thoughts wander to what other party themes I might like to carry out this summer.  One party theme have never used and would enjoy doing is a Vintage Tiki Party.  These ideas would really work for anything with a Luau or Hawaiian theme, however, I am a big fan of the Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World, so, I am going the “tiki” or “polynesian” theme.  Tiki Party or Luau party invitation printed on a coconut and mailed to the guest list!

Of course you need to start with a fun invitation, so how about a real coconut?  How much fun would this be for your guests to receive a real coconut in the mail with the invitation painted right on the coconut?  It is perfectly legal to mail a coconut through the USPS.  If you don’t want to create these yourself, Coconut Greetings would be happy to arrange painting and mailing them for you.  If you want to do it yourself, make sure after you paint or marker on them, you use a sealer so that they don’t smudge in the mailing process.  You want your guests to be able to read the invitation clearly.  Tiki or Luau or Hawaiian party invitation for 40th birthday, this one to be held at a Tiki Bar

For those opting for a paper invitation to mail, I came across all kinds of them on Zazzle and, but I love this one for it’s vintage feel.  I even like the idea of inviting friends to a “Forbidden Island” Tiki Party.  That makes it sound so exotic.  Tiki party decor for your luau or hawaiian partyNow it is time to decorate around your theme!  This Tiki I found was actually made entirely of chocolate, but I think this is a great model to use to cut some tikis out of foam core and paint for your party decor.  Of course, if you want to try and make one out of chocolate, you go for it!

Tiki bar for rent, Tiki bar and stools for your tiki party

If you have a Tiki bar like this one, great.  In many areas you can rent these, but that really isn’t necessary, just purchase a few inexpensive grass skirts and attach them to your bar or serving tables to give you that vintage Tiki feel.

Tiki or luau party

This is a professional caterer’s take on the grass skirt around the table.  

 Look how simply you can recreate the same look with party supplies from your local party store and dollar store.

Tiki beverages, or tiki drink container

Dress up a beverage dispenser with colored tape or pain to look like a Tiki!  Fun and easy way to add to the decor.

Tiki ceramic glasses, or mugs for tropical drinks at your Tiki partyPick up some ceramic tiki mugs like the ones above or even plastic versions like the ones below…


Vegetable display for a Tiki or Luau party

 Now onto the food!  This is a really creative way to display your crudites for a Tiki party!  Turn them into a three-dimensional Tiki! Barbecue chicken skewers with pineapple could be served over rice.Any food served on skewers would be fun and appropriate for a Tiki party.  Think about anchoring the skewers into a pineapple for guests to pull out and serve themselves.  Barbecue chicken and pineapple with some dipping sauce would be delicious.  Tiki party food

This is an Asian fruit salad with lychee, longan and rambutan, but you could include any tropical fruits of your choice.  Include pineapple, top it with a little coconut and serve it up in pineapple bowls like this to keep with your theme.

Tiki hut cake for a birthday party

 Finish off with a fun Tiki Hut cake like this one!  Enjoy planning your summer Tiki party!



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  1. Hi!
    I am wondering how the caterer got the long tables to be a “serpentine” shape.
    Thanks for your time!

    1. This was not my party, but I have worked with caterers who have the curved tables that they can put in a circle or put into a serpentine shape. Each table is either one half or one quarter of a circle. I hope you can find a caterer who can help you out. Thanks for stopping by the blog!


  2. HI! I’m wondering where you found the vinatge “forbidden island” invite? I love it and would love to purchase it for my husbands 40th?

    1. The invitation was created by Greg Maletic for his own 40th birthday party. He is an amazing artist. I know someone who may be able to create a similar invitation for you, I will pass on your email address to him.

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