Inspiration ~ Lemonade on the Porch with Friends

Summer is flying by and before you know it we will be getting started on Fall plans, wreaths and decor.  Take a little time before that happens and invite friends to join you for a quiet visit on the porch.  Whip up your favorite lemonade recipe and just treasure the moment.

pink lemonade served with a ladle into pretty glasses on the porch

 Ladle up some pink lemonade into pretty glasses like this.

Alfresco dining

How about retreating to a gazebo like this to chat with friends.

Lemonade on the porch swing.

There is room enough for two on this porch swing.

Lemonade on the porch with the dog and good friends.

The dog is hoping for some crumbs by the scones on this front porch.

Lemonade on the porch swing in the shade.

Shutters provide some protection from the sun as you sip your lemonade on this porch.

Lemonade on the black porch swing with yellow pillows.

The lemonade is ready to serve on this front porch with lemon-yellow pillows nestled on the black swing.

Shabby chic porch swing all comfy with pillows.

A fan sits nearby just in case it is a little too warm on this brick porch.

Rustic porch settingSit on the porch at this cabin and take in the view.

Fresh lemonade on the front porch makes for good conversation with friends.

Serve up the lemonade and catch up with the neighbors.

Pink Lemonade on the front porch sitting in rocking chairs overlooking the lake.

This is a view to enjoy!

Beverage dispenser for serving lemonade or limeade, with sliced lemons in the lemonade.

 You can serve a crowd on the porch with this beverage dispenser.

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