Cheese Display

Cheese Display

A cheese display is a great way to put out a little spread when friends drop by, or a great addition to a cocktail party food table.  A cheese display is an economical and easy, way to put out  an elegant food display without having to spend a lot of time on it, also. Anytime I put out a cheese diplay, I like to choose at least three cheeses.  If I am having more than 50 guests, I would add a fourth, or even fifth kind of cheese.  For a basic cheese display, I choose a hard cheese, a soft cheese and a flavorful cheese, like a blue.  If I were to add fourth or fifth, I might add a cheese spread or a cheese with fruit in it.

How to prepare a lovely cheese display

This picture is from my “Time for a Party” cocktail party. At the party I served a large piece of New York sharp cheddar, a Danish blue cheese and Ille de France Brie accompanied with fig jam. It is very easy to dress up a simple brie with any jam or preserves, simply spread a generous amount on top and enjoy! To accompany the cheeses, I added red and green seedless grapes, large fresh strawberries and walnuts. Crackers were served nearby.

Slate cheeseboard, cheese tray, cheese board, parmesan, boursin, wine and cheese

These great slate cheeseboards came from Crate and Barrel several years ago.  I purchased eight of them, and use them as placemats on occasions.  The cheeseboards are lovely for displaying cheeses, you can write with chalk to identify the different cheeses. It is important to label the cheese so people can determine the cheese they will enjoy.

Cheese knives, cheese board, slate cheese board display

Treat yourself to a nice set of cheese knives and spreaders to serve with your cheeses.  The right knives will make it easy for you and your guests to help yourself to cheese.

A soft cheese is best served with a stainless steel knife with an open blade and a serrated edge so that the cheese does not stick to the blade.  I also sometimes use a spreader if the cheese if very soft, so guests can just scoop a bit of cheese and the jam onto their plates or a cracker.  This is an example of the open blade soft cheese knife:

Open blade cheese knife for using with a soft cheese like brie or camembert.

There are a couple of kinds of knives you can use for a hard cheese like Parmesan or a hard sharp Cheddar.  One is a spatula-style knife that is so sharp it can easily cut off a slice or break off some of a crumbly Parmesan.  The second kind is a sharp little knife that comes to a point.

If you need help remembering what kind of knife goes with which kind of cheese, you might want to pick up this knife set, at least for everyday, at-home use to tutor yourself!

knife set, knives for cheese, cheese knife, cheese knives


If you could only offer three cheeses for guests which three would you choose?

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  1. Gouda, cheddar and brie would be my choices. I also need to get another open blade cheese knife. Mine is hiding somewhere and doesn’t want to be found!

    1. I like your three choices, but I would probably swap out the gouda for a blue. I love that stinky cheese! I hate it when a tool you need disappears, and you know it will turn up as soon as you buy another one!

    1. I could eat cheese every evening, especially if someone prepared a pretty tray like this for me! Go ahead and go for the Brie!

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