It Is Never Too Late…

It Is Never Too Late…

 Every once in awhile I like to share something aside from a pretty table or how to make a centerpiece.  I keep blogging so I can reach YOU, my readers.  I appreciate each and every one of you! When you take the time to comment, you touch my heart.  You comment and we start a dialogue.  When we start a dialogue, we connect with one another. 


What really touches me about our connection is getting to know you.  You know me from reading what I write here at Celebrate & Decorate.  Today I am sharing this quote, my favorite.  Why?  Because I don’t want you to give up on your dreams, it’s never too late! Don’t put limitations on yourself because of your age your status, education or your physical fitness (or lack thereof).  Now, in reality, if you are 5′ tall you are not likely ever going to play in the NBA.  Yes, there are things that may be beyond reach.  However, I also like that quote by Norman Vincent Peale, “shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” 

Dream your dreams and then, while they are right there in your mind, start to put into action whatever you need to do to make those dreams come true!  What is your dream?  Write it down, put it on your mirror, your refrigerator, the dashboard of your car.  Remind yourself daily of that dream and take steps to work toward achieving that dream. 

I was so fortunate before my recent vacation to have a good friend loan me her copy of this amazing book.  If you need to get a dose of reality and learn to become that person you were meant to be, pick up Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.  

Let me know how I can help…

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  1. The primary thing I enjoy about blogging is making new friends! The comments really do lead to getting to know people and learning what you have in common and what you have that is different…it all helps to make great connections. I’ve so enjoyed the friendships I’ve made and always love meeting new readers and chatting with them. They inspire, teach and encourage me! Have a great day! Hugs!

    1. I really would like to blog more about inspiration and motivation, but I know that is not what most readers want to see. The connections are great! Any chance you are attending Haven this year?

  2. Perfect Chloe…and the timing couldn’t be better. I have a picture in a frame that says…”You are awesome” and that applies to you and any one of us…we just have to believe it. It is too easy to believe thee negative…we must not allow ourselves to go there. Hugs dear friend.

  3. Thanks Chloe. I love quotes. Why not include one on each blog ? I wrote my own favorite:
    “You never know when the last time will be the last time” Act accordingly.

  4. Hi Chloe,
    Here are some very deep thoughts indeed. We are all too familiar with the saying “You need a dose of reality.” Guess what dear friend, this is my dose of reality. Thank you for sharing this with your readers. Someone already said that and I second it :”The timing couldn’t be more perfect.” Happy Easter !

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