Last Minute New Year’s Eve DIY Projects

This is it, we are down to the wire.  2018 will only be a memory come tomorrow at midnight!   These really are all things you can do yet today or tomorrow to add a festive touch to your New Year’s Eve get together, no matter if you will be just two of you or many, many more!New Year's Eve DIY Decorations

I picked up these gold and silver plastic champagne glasses yesterday at Party City.  They were just .99 cents each.  Even though some people will prefer to drink out of glass ones, I think the sparkle I added to these will attract some to these fun glasses.

Glitter champagne glasses for a sparkly New Year's Eve

I use a cardboard box that I have cut off and sealed well on the bottom with packing tape.  This is my spray adhesive box.  If you have not used spray adhesive, be aware that it can end up everywhere, so keep it contained in some way while you are spraying.  I held a champagne glass over the box and sprayed the bottom one half to one third of the glass with spray adhesive.Glitter champagne glasses for a sparkly New Year's Eve

I then moved over to a box lid with extra fine glitter and sprinkled it generously over the adhesive.  Now I have fun glittery glasses!  After each glass dries I will spray a coat of clear gloss sealer over the glitter so it remains on the glass and guests will be ready to toast the new year.

Glitter champagne glasses for a sparkly New Year's Eve

I didn’t have extra fine silver glitter and used regular sized.  You can see the difference here.  I think I prefer the extra fine, which do you like better?  Glitter champagne glasses for a sparkly New Year's Eve

Guests will be ready to toast the new year in glittering style!

Tissue paper pompoms are one of my favorite ways to add fun and festive decorations for a bargain price to a party.  I had some leftover gold and white tissue paper from Christmas and went to work turning it into pompoms to hang over my party table.  DIY Tissue paper party pom poms

This really is used tissue paper, and you will see it makes no difference in the outcome!  Dig out that tissue paper and start creating!  I smoothed out my tissue paper using 3 sheets.

DIY Tissue paper party pom poms

Fold the tissue paper in half lengthwise and smooth it again.

DIY Tissue paper party pom poms

Begin folding the tissue in an accordion pattern back and forth all the way to the end.

DIY Tissue paper party pom pomsWhat you will have should look like this.

DIY Tissue paper party pom poms

Next you will want to trim the ends, either in a curved shape or to a point like I have done above.

DIY Tissue paper party pom pomsFold over the accordion and secure in the middle with a chenille stem or other wire.

DIY Tissue paper party pom pomsNow begin delicately separating the layers of tissue without tearing it.  Pull them apart as far down to the center as you possibly can.

DIY Tissue paper party pom poms

Keep on separating the layers and poofing your pom pom as you go.

DIY Tissue paper party pom pomsThere you have a party pom pom all ready to grace your table or to hang from the ceiling!

I am going all silver and gold, black and pink for my party, so I am making garlands of sequins to hang all around the house.  This is the easiest project of all!  I bought a selection of black, mother of pearl and gold sequins and a fine but sturdy silver thread.DIY Shimmer garland

I simply used craft glue to stick together the sequins over the thread.DIY Shimmer garland

Add a dab of glue to the sequin and spread it around a little.DIY Shimmer garland

Lay the thread down in the glue across the sequin.

DIY Shimmer garlandPress the other sequin on the top of the thread and press down securely so the glue sticks to both sides!DIY Shimmer garlandMake your garland as long as you would like and you are ready to decorate!  Happy New Year!

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  1. Chloe,
    I found you at the beginning of December, and you taught and inspired me to create 6 new pieces for the interior and exterior of my home. I can’t wait to see what you will create in 2018.
    May you and your family have a wonderful new year full of good health, happiness, and prosperity.
    Leah Lockport NY

  2. A girl and glitter. What’s not to like ? Those pom poms are really pretty. I have to confess. After I painted my pine cones in silver for Christmas, I used silver glitter nail polish from Dollar Tree for the edges.
    Happy New Year. Looking forward to more of your great ideas for 2019.

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