What to do now that Christmas is over!

What to do now that Christmas is over

Are you still celebrating the holidays this coming weekend?  Perhaps you are planning a special night out or an invitation to gather friends in for New Year’s Eve.  

Are you left with a feeling of “what now”?  Perhaps all of that hustle and hustle make you thrive and feel needed and wanted and full of life.  You can sit and pout about it or you can plan something for an impromptu gathering this weekend.  Me…I have decided it is time to start taking down the decorations and getting the house back to normal.  

I love decorating for the holidays, I love looking all around my home to see little reminders everywhere of the holidays.  

This is the time for me to think about how I will be decorating next year.  What?  Did you read that right?  Yes, when I pack things away each year, I want to have an idea of how I am going to decorate the following year, so I sort my ornaments and decorations with those things I will be using the following year at the top of my boxes.  

While planning my decorations for next year, there is always the opportunity to pick up some items for next year on sale.  No matter if you are sad to see the holidays over or are looking forward to packing things up and making plans for the new year, enjoy yourself!  

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  1. Chloe you are far more ambitious than I am. I may THINK I know how I will be decorating for next year, but with my memory, that may change many times before decorating time. I have so many items that didn’t make the cut this year…some brand new, because I changed my decor plans. LOL .

    As far as taking down the 11 trees in various sizes….from two 3 ft trees, a 5 ft, a 6 ft, a 7 ft, and five 9 ft trees and finally a 12 ft tree….I don’t think that will be happening this week or next week. I know I will be glad to get them all down but for now, I want to enjoy them on quiet nights by the fireplace snuggling with my honey.

    We had our church group of over 50 people here on Friday the 21st, Then on Saturday the 22nd we had our annual friends/family and neighborhood group of over 50 people and finally, we had family from out of state come on Monday, Christmas Eve (group of 5, in addition to the Captain and I.) Luckily, we catered in a lot of food platters for the parties, but I still made hot wassail, cookies and candies. So I am tired.

    My foot is so much better and out of a cast, but all that hob-nobbing takes a toll. 🙁 I am sitting with it elevated as we speak.

    The new year is going to be quiet, just me and my honey and a couple lobster tails as we bring in the New Year with our traditional orange crush drink that we started many years ago when the Captain had to fly out the next day.

    Hugs and Happy New Year my sweet friend

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