Let it Snow Christmas Decoration

I have this condominium that is decorated quite modern, so what to do with Christmas decorations is something that requires a bit of thought.  I love artificial snow.  If I had my way, I would have it all over my dining table and coffee tables with little bottle brush trees nestled in it.  Even though Christmas decorations fall to me, my husband is a bit of a neat freak and could not handle the artificial snow sprinkled here and there.  I mulled this over and came up with a the idea to fill a modern glass cube with the snow and nestle my little bottle brush trees in it.

Tiny Christmas Snow Scene

White Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas movies, and this little scene reminds me very much of the scene in the Club Car on the train when they all sing “Snow”.

Bottle Brush Christmas Trees  nestled in the snow.

If you want to use artificial snow, but want to keep the snow from ending up all over your house, maybe you can create your own little winter scene like this.  If I take away the ornaments and the gifts (which are actual gifts), this becomes a scene I can leave up through January, too!

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