Shop Local this Holiday Season

As much as I love just sitting down at the computer and getting all my holiday shopping done and having everything delivered right to my door, I have to say, I still believe in shopping local.  Slowly, we are losing local stores and more and more cookie cutter big box stores are popping up on the horizon.   If you have a place you love to shop, please share it with me and I may feature it in the future!

Bacon scented candle


This is one of my favorite products and companies.  Now, not this bacon-scented candle, but read on to learn why I like these.  Hart Main started his candle company when he was 13.  His sister was selling candles as a fund-raiser at school, and Hart wondered why no one sold man-scented candles.  Hart and his family have continued to see their business grow.  The most important thing about Hart’s company is that he gives back to local community food banks.  Hart purchases soup from grocery stores, and donates the soup to the food banks and then cleans the cans and uses them for the candles.  Just in case bacon isn’t your scent of choice, there are also such scents at Hot Cocoa, Campfire, Sawdust and too many more to list here.  Man Cans are sold all across the United States.  Check out Man Cans at .  Just click on the “where to buy” tab to find them near you!



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  1. Sandra, Thanks for following. I think even I would enjoy the fresh cut grass scent. I would pass on the bacon, but I know my son would like it too! I really like what this young man has done to give back to society!

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