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Do you have a place where you LOVE to shop?  You know, the kind of place, where you could could buy almost everything in the store.  The kind of place where you go around a corner and feel yourself in awe of what is on that aisle.  I have a place like this, and unless you come visit the North Coast of Ohio, you won’t be able to shop there!  Just in case you have a trip to Cedar Point amusement park this summer, I want you to know about this spot!  Unique shopping experienceThis magical place is called K & K interiors.  They do sell to retailers, but they sell retail in their store and their outlet which can be found off the beaten path in Sandusky, Ohio.  A Unique Shopping experienceK & K carries a huge selection of beautiful silk flowers, all of them very realistic.  I love these artificial bulbs!  Looking for something covered in moss?  They likely have it!A Unique Shopping experienceYou can find all kinds of decorative pillows like this one defining Home as a noun.  French accents for your home.If your taste is towards French accents, you can find those, like these lovely mercury glass bottles with pretty French labels on them.  Farmhouse dishesOf course if farmhouse is your style, you can find all kinds of decorative elements and accessories.  I don’t usually see many dishes at K & K, but on this trip I spotted these fun farm animal plates and they had oversized mugs to match.  A Unique Shopping experienceThis photo gives you a glance in to their furniture design area with the wall of fabrics on the back wall.  I love this canopy, this would be amazing to designate a specific area in a home with high ceilings.  Farmhouse accents for your homeWhen I said they had farmhouse accessories, I wasn’t kidding, was I?  Even if you don’t find something you want to buy, the way they have styled a wall with the galvanized metal could be great inspiration for a wall in your home.   Farmhouse accents for your homeA Unique Shopping experienceI studied this piece longingly, trying to figure out where I could use this.  It didn’t come home with me, but I am still dreaming about it.  A Unique Shopping experienceThese boxwood wreaths are so dreamy, as was all of the galvanized accessories they had!  A Unique Shopping experienceIf it had been earlier in the Spring, I might have taken home some of their gorgeous faux blooming branches, they all looked so real.  Do you see the size of that birdcage?  Who has room for that?  A Unique Shopping experienceA Unique Shopping experienceI hope you enjoyed coming along on my shopping trip with me, don’t worry if you didn’t buy anything, I didn’t buy anything this time, either!  Do you have a favorite unique place like this where you love to shop, even if you don’t buy a thing?  A place where you gather inspiration?  Let me know, maybe I will be in that neighborhood someday!

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  1. Looks like a place I would linger at all day. My store around here is At Home. They opened about a month ago and I have to stop myself from going there every week. Thankfully, their prices are as low as my resistance to going there! Love the mercury Glass bottles, LOL!!!

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