I Invited Birds to Nest at the Table

Yes, I spotted this tablecloth and decided the birds could nest on my table!  Sometimes it is a set of dishes, sometimes it is a set of napkins, this time it was a tablecloth that called to me and inspired me to style this tablescape.  

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This tablecloth is like a work of art.  I really think I could cut a panel from it and frame it on a wall.  Pretty French writing and delicate eggs, some tucked into dainty nests just called for me to style a simple table with bird’s nests and mottled eggs.  I wanted this to be a more organic table in keeping with this lovely tablecloth.  I used simple charger that looks like it is white distressed wood.  On top of that I set a mushroom colored dinner plate and topped it with a white salad plate.  I let the texture of the dishes be all the pattern that was needed.  

A simple centerpiece of grapevine which was rolled into a couple of bird nests.  I simply added a a few magnolia blossoms to brighten it.I tried to mimic the look of the nests on the tablecloth with my grapevine nests and faux eggs.  I know this is a tablecloth that I will be using again and again, my mind is already swimming with different ways to style a tablescape with this cloth.  For now I will enjoy my lovely eggs.  Today they remind me of the sandhill crane I saw sitting on her nest near my home here in Florida.  I have never seen a sandhill crane on a nest before, I will have to stop by and check on her to see her babies!

EDIT 5/12/2017 – 

I have received so many requests for where I got the tablecloth!  I found it at Home Goods in April, 2017.  The tag on it says ENVOGUE.  I have seen a number of them available on EBAY.

Here is another of their beautiful cloths available on Amazon.  

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    1. Thank you Gayle! I added some links at the end of the post to help you find the tablecloth. I found mine at Home Goods last month, but I see it is available in a variety of sizes on EBay.

  1. Chloe, that is a beautiful tablecloth and I am sure you will be styling it in different ways. Love the organic feel of your table…birds’ nests are always fun to use. Have a great weekend!

  2. I would also like to know the source for the tablecloth. It’s so pretty. Your table is beautiful! Kate

  3. Just when I thought I was catching up on my blog visits I find this gem. That is one gorgeous table cloth and your speckled eggs blend in perfectly with it. I hope you get lots more use from this beautiful cloth.

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