More Impact for Less Money!

A lavish flower arrangement is wonderful to have in your home.  When entertaining, fresh flowers can make such a difference, or even when you just want a little pick me up, how nice is picking up a nice bouquet for yourself!  So why mix fresh flowers with artificial ones?  More impact for less money!  I have a couple of large storage boxes full of a variety of silk flowers and foliage and I am ready to pull them out for all kinds of occasions.  Artificial flowers added a great deal of color and lushness to my Cinderella tablescape.  

Abundant floral arrangement using a mix of fresh and faux flowersThis lavish arrangement would cost many times the $28.00 I spent on fresh flowers for this arrangement.  When you add fresh flowers to artificial ones you fool the eye as to what is real and what is not.  More often than not when I have added fresh flowers to artificial ones, guests assume the entire arrangement is real.

Supplies gathered for a fresh flower arrangementI began with my fresh flowers.  I purchased two bunches of roses each for $10, two bouquets of hydrangea and one bunch of babies breath, those priced at 3 bunches for $12.  I decided against using the babies breath which led to my $28 cost of fresh flowers for this arrangement.

Making a fresh flower arrangementThis old urn has been painted a variety of colors to accommodate whatever I am decorating for, but it was fine in silver for my Paris party.  I filled it with three blocks of Oasis floral foam which had been thoroughly soaked.

Mixing fresh and faux flowers in an arrangementI moved all of my supplies outside so I would keep the indoors mess to a minimum.  I look forward to someday having a nice sink and counter outside for arranging flowers.

How to mix fresh and faux flowers in an arrangement

I began with my artificial flowers, placing them to give myself the shape I was looking for for my arrangement.  The flowers I used are a variety of artificials that I have collected over the years.  Some of these are more expensive flowers and some are from the dollar store.  When mixed together, it doesn’t seem to matter.

A lavish arrangement of fresh and faux flowersAfter I began my structure with my artificial flowers, I then filled in with my real ones.  As the roses open they will blend even better with the artificial flowers.

Artificial flowers mixed with fresh to create an abundant arranementWhen all of the blooms had been set in place, I added artificial greens, vines and ivy so that the arrangement would flow down onto the table.

Mixed arrangement of fresh and silk flowers.This arrangement was a wonderful focal point nestled next to my glittered Eiffel Tower for my Paris Party.  Yes, if you have a sharp eye, you will see the blue hydrangea are missing.  Alas, hydrangea can be difficult and these did not hold up well, so I just pulled them out for the party.  No use crying over spilled milk or faded blooms!   I was still thrilled with the way my arrangement turned out.

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