Here’s To The Ladies Who Lunch Spring Tablescape

Are you as anxious for Spring to arrive as I am?  It is March, I live in Florida, so as far as I am concerned it is time for a Spring tablescape!Here's To The Ladies Who Lunch

This table is  all about celebrating the ladies who lunch, just four ladies who have the time to sit at a pretty table, chat and catch up with one another’s lives.  aa

I really wanted to go all pastels with this table, and this is the tablecloth I wanted to use.  Now, I can mix prints and patterns, but this was not going to go in my dining room with those print dining chairs.  Yuck!

tttYou are probably tired of seeing this throw I bought at Ikea, but it made all the difference!  It muted the colors of the tablecloth underneath just enough to make this work with my dining room chairs.  The pastel was still there, but no quite so “in your face”.  Now I could go to work setting my table.  Here's to the ladies who lunchA lovely chicken salad will be served, so green and pink Depression Glass dishes were added to the table with nuts and crackers.
Here's to the ladies who lunch 2Yes, I overdid the plate stack, using Ikea candle trays for chargers, I love the punch work in them, don’t you?  The pastel yellow plates were a Home Good’s discovery.  My Miss America Depression Glass, handed down to me from my mother provided salad plates topped with a pale pink floral dessert plate.  aaabbb Here's to the ladies who lunch 3

The yellow crystal coupes will be set aside, I am thinking about just tucking two or three pastel macaroons into each one for a light dessert.  Spring green napkins were rolled and tucked into floral napkin rings to suggest that Spring is right around the corner.  What would you serve for a ladies’ luncheon?  Do you ever get a chance to host a luncheon?

I will be sharing this at:  Tablescape Thursday | The Scoop 

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  1. I have a recipe for a baked chicken salad. I would serve this with a cranberry fruit mold, mini croissants and a lovely side salad. For dessert, an assortment of cookies and chocolates.

  2. It is still February here in Texas at 25 degrees and falling. Kinda hard to visualize Spring but this is a beautiful article. Thank you for sharing your creative self with us.

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