Outdoor Dining for Summer

Are you getting excited about summertime and outdoor dining?  We have been enjoying some outdoor dining already here in Florida.  For me, there is nothing about a casual outdoor dinner with a pretty table.  There are so many ways to style an outdoor table, as many ideas as their are homes with pretty patios or backyards, or porches or parks, beaches or picnics.I don’t think my backyard will look like this when we finish styling our backyard, but a girl can dream, can’t she?  I spotted this outside a little shop near Seaside, Florida.  I can imagine the happy voices as friends and family would gather for meals in this lovely setting.

Last summer I hosted a beach inspired dinner party on our back porch.  This table was all about seashells and neutral colors.  This was a lovely dinner party, particularly when the sun went down and the table was illuminated by candlelight.  Earlier in the summer it was all about the bright colors with a fun flamingo inspired get together.  You can set the mood for fun by setting a table with plastic lawn flamingos.  There are so many fun flamingo dishes available this spring, it won’t take much hunting to find some to suit your needs. A contrast to the neutrals and the bright colors, I set this pretty table on my front porch for a luncheon for my mom and my sister.  Soft pastels and pink and white roses are a perfect setting for a ladies luncheon.Before we moved into our current home we lived in a condominium with a spacious balcony . This was the perfect location to host a safari themed dinner party.  

Hosting a themed dinner is fun for me and is fun for guests, too!  If you want to get your guests in the mood ahead of time, send a fun invitation like this one that I did for this party.Of course, if you are really lucky, you have a boat or someone who will share their boat with you and you can serve up a lovely dinner for two on the lake!  Now that we spend so much time in Florida, we have given up our sailboat, but I always enjoyed dining on the boat with my dear husband!Of course, if you can’t dine on a boat, you can still set a nautical table right in your own backyard!  This dinner for two with a nautical touch made a nice evening for the two of us.I was blessed to attend this anniversary party in the Hamptons, a perfect party setting in a perfect location!  Where will you be dining out this summer?

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  1. Those are all great table themes, Chloe. That party in the Hamptons had be a great experience! I am definitely looking forward to summer dining, inside or out. It can be so easy with so many [reusable] plastic and even some great paper options available. It doesnt take a whole lot to make a fun fete. 🙂

  2. Lovely tables. I love eating out on our veranda, we have a table that seats six for al fresco dining. Yesterday I spent several hours scrubbing all the yellow pollen off all the furniture, mopping down the floor boards and scrubbing all the railings to get ready for outdoor dining. It is a lot of work, but it is ready now to entertain.

  3. Stunning tablescapes and settings! I have coffee every morning and dinner every night on my patio, weather permitting, nothing like fresh air, pets running around and tending to my plants, herbs, veggies and fruit! I feel so lucky and wish everyone could do the same. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sadly we don’t get to dine outside much. The mosquitos around here are a nightmare even though the county does lots of spraying. We’ve also spent a king’s ransom on citronella candles and sprays, all to no avail. You, my dear, have a knack for al fresco soirees like none I’ve seen before.

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