What I am Loving Right Now!

I travelled to Tucson, Arizona this past week with my husband for a business conference.  More about that later, but you know what happens when you go away and return home?  You appreciate home and all of the things that make your home your haven from the world.  For me, right now, it is my coral print chair.  This is the story of this chair I am really loving right now.  Here is the before, but sadly, the before before and before that are many years ago with no photos.  My husband bought this chair for $2.50 at an auction more than 38 years ago.  He had it reupholstered in a pretty muted blue and gray flame stitch fabric.  I married him and got the chair as a bonus!  This chair has always been the favorite in the house, it is so comfortable.  Many nights I sat with a crying baby in this chair.  My grandfather who lived just shy of 100 years old sat in this chair.  This chair is a treasure!  This was a great fabric for a time when we had a houseful of teenagers who lounged all over the place.  Legs were often slung over the arms of this chair.  I am sure many drinks and food were spilled on this and the chair handled it fine.  Check out the arm of the chair, though, even that tough dark fabric is showing the dirt from many hands over the years.  You can also see the fabric I finally found for my chair folded on the ledge.

I was on the hunt for the perfect fabric to recover my chair.  Did I go coastal like the ocean or nautical to go with my sailboat model?  This fabric with the simple white anchors on a navy background was a runner up.  This is Michael Miller Out to Sea pattern


I found this Thomas Paul fabric in a local store.  I was in love with it until I spotted that goldfish in the pattern.  Really?  The sea creatures are so amazing but I just don’t understand that goldfish and how he made his way into the pattern.


I considered this fabric, but the background is a little off white which would not mesh well with my white slipcovered vintage chairs.


I even liked this print but decided it was way too casual for our living room.  This sailboat print is too relaxed next to my more formal sailboat model.


TA DA!!  Here it is…this was the winner!  I began by purchasing just one yard of this fabric to make sure it was the perfect fabric.  I bought this directly from fabric.com.  I cannot encourage you enough to always buy an entire yard of a fabric you have chosen, NOT to rely on the little sample many places want to give you.  Then came the challenge of an upholsterer.  Upholstery is just not a project I am willing to take on myself.  I had a great guy who recovered the cushions on our vintage rattan chairs, but after several weeks of trying to reach him I learned he had moved back to England and was not returning.  Boo!  Eventually I got a recommendation and tried a new upholsterer, and thank heavens, he did a fabulous job!

Here she is, my wonderful chair, all recovered and ready to welcome guests, to read stories to granddaughters, to sit and read a book or listen to the piano.  I do love my chair and I was so happy to come home and see it sitting proudly in her new fabric.  What are you loving in your home right now?  Something old and treasured or something you just brought home or made?

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  1. Love the chair and the new suit it now has! Excellent choice. I have a chair that has been in the family for quite some time too – so worth hanging on to! Hope you enjoyed AZ!

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