Paint Dollar Store Flowers

Have you ever done this…?

Sometimes you just can’t find the color of artificial flowers you want. Have you ever had that happen to you? Sometimes you can find them, but they are a ridiculous price. You stand there in the store and debate with yourself about how much they are, if you have a coupon to apply, how many you need and so on. Have you done this? I know I have done it more times than I can imagine. I have even put those expensive florals in my cart and walked around the store talking to myself. Sound familiar? I may have the answer for you!

Do you have a distinctive color you want to coordinate with?

I have very distinctive colors in my dining room chairs. I was obviously not thinking about styling a variety of tables for the blog when I selected these chairs, it was all about falling in love with the pattern and colors. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE my chairs. They are parsons chairs on casters from Ballard Designs. They are so comfortable that you can sit and chat for hours after dessert is long finished in these chairs. My granddaughters have even been known to hide beneath the skirts on the chairs when we have been looking to put them into the bathtub!

I have an easy answer!!!

I simply headed to my local Dollar Tree and picked up some white flowers. Any light colored flowers will do, but white will work best! Next, a stop at Walmart yielded three distinctly different shades of blue spray paint. I used Rustoleum Satin spray paint in Lagoon, Aqua and Vintage Teal for my project.

Slide the leaves on your flowers down so they don’t get paint on them and then gently spray the blooms until you get your desired color. They will dry almost immediately, but I would allow ten minutes or so before I would start to work with them.

I chose this teal colored dinner plate and salad plate with a blue bicycle and a basket full of flowers on it. Since there are daisies in the basket on the bicycle, I added some dollar store faux daisies to my arrangement as well. I put a piece of floral foam into a vintage chamber pot to make my centerpiece.

You will need to slide those leaves back up beneath the blooms and cut each stem off individually with a pair of wire cutters.

Secure your floral foam with two pieces of waterproof floral tape as I have shown above.

If you need help getting started arranging flowers, begin like this. Taking four similar flowers, stick them in at equal distances (think like a clock, at 12, 3, 6 and 9) around your arrangement.

The next step will be to add the second layer of flowers. You will add four more similar blooms between and slightly above your first four. I have numbered them above so you can see how to do this.

Continue to move up and between each layer and then go back down to the bottom and continue to fill in your floral arrangement. As you build it up you will not have to stay as precise in placing your stems, but that will give you a framework to work within. The wonderful thing about any handicraft is, that if you don’t like how it has turned out, simply take it apart and start over again.

To coordinate with the print on my chairs and my painted flowers in my centerpiece, I selected these teal dinner plates. I topped them with these fun summery salad plates featuring a bicycle. The bicycle is sporting a basket full of flowers.

By painting dollar store flowers I got just the colors I wanted and I didn’t have to spend the big bucks to make the centerpiece for my summertime luncheon!

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  1. Looks so pretty. I just love it with the bicycle plates. How do you keep it from getting on the stems? Or it doesn’t matter because you can’t see the stems.

    1. Thank you Andrea. It does get on the stems a little, but by pushing the leaves down when you paint them and then push them back up after they are painted, the stems cover the stems, and you also don’t see the stems when you make a full arrangement.

      1. I have done this many times. I pull the green leaves down and wrap a plastic grocery bag around the base before I spray paint them. I sometimes spray paint older ones that have faded out doors, and use the same process to spray the same color just to freshen and brighten them up again for outside.

        Also, I have used watered down craft paints, and brushed the tips of white flowers to add color to the tips only.

  2. Well Chloe, I have painted many things but never thought about painting flowers! What a brilliant idea, and they look so pretty! Love the bike plate tablescape, my favorite colors!

  3. Love the plate stack with the bike plates on top. Have you ever used Design Master paint for silk flowers ? This seems easier with good coverage.

  4. This is so pretty. I think I will have to try this. One question: Did you spray just one color on some flowers and another color on other flowers?

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