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Practically Free Fall Decor!

Practically Free Fall Decor

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This is such an easy project and a great craft for all of the family to join in.  Begin with some plastic yarn needles like these.  No sharp point means even young children can join in.  Have the kids start gathering up the leaves into a big bag or box to work from.For the beginning of each leaf garland, you will want to cut a piece of cardboard or plastic.  If your garland will be displayed in the rain, you might want to opt for plastic.  Thread a piece of yarn through the cardboard, tie a big knot and add a little tape to secure it to the backside of the plastic or cardboard.

Thread the yard needles with yarn and start stringing leaves onto the yarn. The leaf garland should begin to look like this.  You might even have a prettier garland if you have colorful leaves where you live.  I only have these brown sycamore leaves to work with here in central Florida.  Continue adding leaves until you have the length you want.  I made a pair of these this year to line each of my railings up the stairs to my front porch.  

Add ribbons if you would like and use plastic zip ties so you don’t scratch the surface you are attaching the leaves to, and have fun decorating!  


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  1. Wow Chloe, how clever is this! Looks fantastic!

  2. Such a great idea. I love gathering things from my yard in the fall. Thanks for sharing to how to. I may have to try this.

  3. You had me at practically free. I’m s huge fan of simple crafts and I’m still in awe of your front porch. Thanks for organizing another great blog hop, you’re the best!

  4. Chloe you come up with the best ideas. Love this, pinned


  5. Hi Chloe

    We don’t have as many beautiful autumn colours in S.A. as America does, but we do have some pretty ones. So glad you shared this. I will definitely try it next Autumn!

    1. Thanks Lana, you can see that I don’t have the pretty colors in Florida, but it still works!

  6. I just love this idea – thank you for sharing.

  7. It’s unfortunate that we don’t see more earth friendly decor. This is awesome and beautiful! So simple and lovely. We have a variety of colours in Ontario, Canada . I don’t have a porch but I’d like to apply the same technique to creating a wreath. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much Drey, this is much better than using faux leaves, isn’t it? I think your wreath will be beautiful!

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