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How to Make a Halloween Wreath that is Elegant

 Make a Halloween Wreath that is Elegant!

Do you like to deck out your home for the holidays, but aren’t really into skeletons hanging from the front porch?  Here is the answer, you CAN make a Halloween wreath that is ELEGANT!  Oh, you don’t believe that is possible?  Check this out:

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Beginning with a standard 22″ grapevine wreath is a easy way to make a wreath as full as I want this one to be.  Rustoleum gold spray paint was applied to five Dollar Tree Skulls.  Drill holes in the back sides of your skulls like shown above.  Using a pipe cleaner (I used gold so you could see it), thread it through the two holes as shown.  Flatten the back of the skull so it will lay a little flatter against the wreath. 

Use the pipe cleaners to wrap around and preferably through the grapevine wreath and secure it in the back.  Cut of the long ends of the pipe cleaner and tuck the cut ends back into the wreath so the wires don’t scratch anything you hang your wreath on. 

Secure each of the five skulls around the edge of your wreath.

Space the skeleton heads randomly around the grapevine wreath.

These faux flowers (if you would call these flowers) were just the thing I needed for a creepy drippy feeling to the bottom of my wreath. 

To attach faux flowers and picks into a grapevine wreath, you only need to stick them through the grapevines, making sure they are secure and tight in the grapevines.  If they have a little stem that can ‘hook’ the main stem in the grapevines, use that.

If the stems are in any way loose or can be pulled out easily, get out the glue gun and add a little hot glue to secure them.  I usually find pulling them out and sticking them in at an angle secures them.

Use all of those long faux stringy flowers at the bottom of your wreath.  

Next, take big fluffy faux blooms, like geranium, hydrangea, and the like and start tucking them in around the skulls.  

Using rich reds, purples and oranges is quite Halloween-like and adds the jewel colored elegance to the wreath.

Continue to add the blooms around the skulls and then go on to fill the spaces between all of the skulls for a very full and lush wreath.

The wreath is complete and ready to hang!
I tried it out on the inside of my front door to make sure it was front porch ready!

There is my elegant, but a little creepy wreath, on display!  Check out the doormat reflected in the kick plate!  Think about going a little more elegant with your Halloween wreath this year.

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