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Christmas Seasonal

Red Truck with Christmas Tree

Red Truck with Christmas Tree

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Year in and year out, any post I share about the red truck with the Christmas tree in the back is always extra popular, so I decided to share a little inspiration of those trucks and trees today! 

I love styling these trucks as a centerpiece, sometimes on a nest of snow, but this year I went with a couple of round tree slices to complete the woodland feeling.  

I just ordered this set of 4 pillow covers for for just $17.39!  You could add a quartet of red trucks to your holiday decor for this bargain price!  

Lori over at Dining Delight decorated an entire etagere with a red truck theme and brings the vintage woodland look to life!   Ir may not be a truck, but these fun salad plates with red cars filled with a Christmas tree in them set a fun table with cute little ornaments as dinner favors set above each place setting.  You can see more of this table at Red Christmas Truck Tablescape.  Sadie Seasongoods found a real vintage truck to create this look, but had to do some “fixing” to it!  You can see how she created her holiday truck, too!  

It doesn’t seem to matter if it is a truck or a vintage car like this “woody” with the tree and gifts on top.  I hope they don’t get stuck in the snow getting their tree home!  This little truck looks like it is filled with snowballs, right?  No, only miniature marshmallows for my Hot Cocoa Bar!  If you know someone who loves the red truck Christmas thing, you might want to order up one of these personalized signs from Amazon!  How cute was this set of little trucks?  I went on to gift these to someone who actually has a red truck that they always put a Christmas tree in the back of come December.  May all of the red trucks with Christmas trees lead home to you this holiday season!  

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  1. Edmee Pardo says:

    Hi Chloe

    I started my red truck decorating madness two years ago; and it doesn’t seem that it is about to stop anytime soon.I love everything about the trucks and I also own some in blue and in green. I guess that I am officially a member of the “Red Truck with Christmas Tree” club (LOL).

  2. A lot of us remember a grandfather’s red truck with fond memories. Yesterday, I found red truck gift tags in Big Lots. Around here you have to be fast !

    1. Oh, you have to be quick every place these days, don’t you? IO was surprised how quickly all of the Christmas decorations left from the stores around me in Florida, too!

    1. Oh, we all feel like we need more space, don’t we. I try to keep getting rid of stuff as I ring in new stuff.

  3. Chloe, this is such a cute post. Thanks for the links to purchase pillow covers and trucks. Do you have a source for the small trees?

    1. I have picked up all of my little bottle brush trees at Michael’s and Joann’s, but I have seen them at Walmart, too!

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