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Hot Chocolate Bar


That cold weather is returning so it is time to heat up the hot chocolate and invite the crowd in for a break from skiing, sledding, snowman building or just making snow angels.  When it is time to dry off and warm off, a hot chocolate bar is a fun and festive way to chase away the cold!SET A HOT CHOCOLATE BAR FOR WINTER ENTERTAINING!

SET A HOT CHOCOLATE BAR FOR WINTER ENTERTAINING!  My little red truck from Christmas was cleaned up and is now ready to deliver miniature marshmallows at my hot chocolate bar!

SET A HOT CHOCOLATE BAR FOR WINTER ENTERTAINING!  I set up my hot cocoa bar on the bar in our tavern room.  My farmhouse table is just across the room, so everyone can fix up their hot chocolate and sit down for some great conversation or game of cards!

SET A HOT CHOCOLATE BAR FOR WINTER ENTERTAINING!  Tiny bottles of Bailey’s were available at the bar for anyone who might want to warm up with a little liqueur!


Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate
Recipe Type: Beverage
Author: Chloe Crabtree
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 6 servings
This is the easiest way to serve up a large portion of hot chocolate for a crowd.
  • 2 1/2 Cups of Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
  • 6 Cups of Whole Milk
  • 1 14 ounce can of Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 2 Cups Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 3 Teaspoons of Vanilla Extract
  • 1/3 Cup Cocoa Powder
  • Miniature Marshmallows (for garnish)
  • Whipping Cream (for garnish)
  1. Mix all ingredients (except those for garnish) and place them in a large slow cooker on low for about two hours. Serve with a ladle into mugs and let guests top it with their choice of toppings.

Of course for a proper hot chocolate bar, you need plenty of hot chocolate, so I whipped up a batch of my favorite slow cooker hot chocolate.


Fun mugs with different sayings make it easy for everyone to keep track of their own hot cocoa concoction!

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Chloe is the creator of Celebrate & Decorate. Chloe is passionate about having a comfortable and well designed home - she also loves to entertain family and friends. Learn more about Chloe. Follow Chloe: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube


    1. Thank you very much, I wanted to create a hot chocolate bar that could appeal to the adults too!

  1. A darling buffet! I love the blackboard panels in the back, did you make them?

    1. Debbee I am so happy to hear the positive feedback. I usually have an artistic friend help, but this time I created the chalk images on my own. The boards themselves actually came from Renniger’s which is a giant flea market and antique show that sets up in different states throughout the year. If you have the chance you should check it out!

  2. Sharon Collins says:

    What a precious idea. I host Christmas brunch every year. This would make a lovely sweet idea for a beverage. My SIL brought the cocktails, and I made all the usual coffee, eggs, bacon , ham etc as well as a biscuit bar and homemade cinnamon rolls and ambrosia. I pile a huge tower of biscuits on a platter and set out all the jams and sausage gravy, etc. I had plans to add waffles , but we got so far behind that we had to abandon that idea. I just love the idea of hot chocolate or coffee.

  3. Clever and adorable – as always! PS – That “Li’l Red Truck” is definitely getting the mileage, LOL!

  4. Chloe, I just love this. Our weather has been perfect for hot chocolate. Your presentation is so inviting, I should drop by!

  5. So cute Chloe! Love the marshmallows in the truck, and the mini Baileys!

  6. I love all the texture here Chloe! Sometimes after the Christmas decorations are put away I don’t want any reminders of winter and snow. You’ve changed my mind and also solved the challenge of after the holiday decor. It’s really cute!

  7. Adorable, Chloe. I love how you layered the quilted blanket with the fur. Added just the perfect touch!

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