Spring Decor for the Front Door

Saint Patricks’s day came so quickly after Mardi Gras this year, I am just going right to Spring decor for the front door.  If you are a gardener or have a gardening friend, this is a quick and easy way to decorate for Spring!  To make it extra special, everything for this came from the dollar store!Shop the dollar store for your front door!

Springtime Gardener Door Decor

Can you believe I was inspired by some seed packets and a little trellis?  All of these came from the dollar store!

Springtime Gardener Door Decor The aisles of the dollar store also revealed garden gloves and a trowel.  This trowel is sturdy enough to use in the garden, but I had other plans!  Springtime Gardener Door Decor I cut off all of those tags and began to put things together!  Springtime Gardener Door Decor I used a piece of floral wire to wrap around the the garden gloves.  This will allow me to attach these to the trellis later.  Springtime Gardener Door Decor Did you know that there is a craft section at the Dollar Tree stores?  You can find all kinds of handy craft items like these little styrofoam circles.  This would be the perfect size for my garden inspired door decor.    Springtime Gardener Door Decor In full disclosure, I had these heavy wrapped wire stems on hand.  I only used one, pushed all the way through my styrofoam circle.  You won’t want to use a plain wire as it will cut its way right through the styrofoam.  I used this wrapped one which doesn’t cut through the styrofoam.  Springtime Gardener Door Decor I used that wire to attach my styrofoam circle, making sure I attach it where their are cross wires on the trellis.Springtime Gardener Door Decor Time to add the flowers!  I picked up a few pink and white peony bushes from the same dollar store and cut the stems of each blossom short and simply stuck them into the styrofoam.  Springtime Gardener Door Decor Who would have thought dollar store artificial flowers could look so beautiful!  I am already planning on heading back to the store to pick up more of these!  I simply filled in covering the entire piece of styrofoam.  Springtime Gardener Door Decor Oh, did I forget to mention that in addition to those adorable bunnies I used in my bunny rabbit wreath, the Dollar Tree also has these cute little frogs!  I think this little frog would love to hang around the garden, don’t you?  I used a piece of floral wire to secure him to the trellis.  The wire disappears into his fur.  Springtime Gardener Door Decor Those packets of seeds just needed a little bit of hot glue to secure them together to add them to the trellis.  Springtime Gardener Door Decor If you have a white or light colored door (like I am hoping to have this year) This would look lovely!  Springtime Gardener Door Decor You can see that on my dark green door this is not the best for show, but it still us a fun way to send a message that you love to garden!

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  1. This is so adorable! I really appreciate you helpful posts. I love how you are starting to use the Dollar store and showing us all we can do with their items. I love Dollar Tree.

    1. Oh, thank you Valerie! I have been doing the Dollar Store for a LONG time! My Halloween wreath with the black crows was the dollar store project that got me started with Hometalk!

  2. Ah, the dollar store; my home away from home. That’s really cute and fun. Sometimes I take the wind chimes apart to get a frog or butterfly etc.
    One of the things I do when I make a wreath or piece for the door is glue a felt pad on the back to
    prevent scratching the door.

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