Why I Took Scissors to these Bunny Rabbits

When I spotted these cute little plush bunnies at the Dollar Store, I knew I had to create an Easter wreath with these cute little fellows!  A wreath seemed like the perfect project, and I am already thinking this would be adorable for a baby shower or gender reveal party, too!

Dollar Store Easter Bunny WreathThis is not a photo of how to kill stuffed bunnies, I just wanted to include the scissors so you could have something to judge the size of the bunny rabbits.  Dollar Store Easter Bunny WreathI mean it when I tell you these bunnies are so cuddly, I could curl up on a pile of them!  Dollar Store Easter Bunny WreathThe first step was to cut the little tags of of the bunny rabbits’ tags off of their behinds.  We don’t need any extra tags!  Dollar Store Easter Bunny WreathI laid out my bunnies all around the wreath to make sure I had enough of them and to see how I would alternate the colors.  Dollar Store Easter Bunny Wreath

In addition to my cute little rabbits, while I was at my local Dollar Tree store, I picked up a wire wreath frame.  I knew this would be a quick and easy project!  Dollar Store Easter Bunny Wreath
Dollar Store Easter Bunny WreathI used some narrow ribbons, I threaded it around the middle two wires of the wreath frame.  I took the narrow ribbon and tied it securely around the neck of each little bunny.

Dollar Store Easter Bunny WreathI knotted it tightly, but no actual bunnies were hurt in making this wreath! Dollar Store Easter Bunny WreathNow it is time to move around the wreath attaching the bunnies one by one around the form, alternating colors.  Dollar Store Easter Bunny WreathHave you heard about how rabbits multiply?  Well, look what happened!  They multiplied all around the wire wreath frame and became this cute Easter Bunny wreath.Dollar Store Easter Bunny WreathI tried them out on one of my interior doors and decided they will be perfect on my dark green front door.

Here they are ready to greet guests!  What a cute bunch they are!  I am fortunate with a well protected front door on my deep porch these guys will stay dry.  If your door isn’t protected, you might have to enjoy these little guys indoors!

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  1. So sweet and precious, Chloe! Your grandkids will surely love this and want it as their own!

  2. Absolutely adorable! Now I need to go score more buck bunnies! Wish I could send you a pic of what I did last year with a similar bunny and angel wings, both from Dollar Tree. Thanks!

  3. I love it! To protect it outdoors you could cover it with some gift basket wrap some how. Just a thought.

  4. You can’t go wrong with bunnies and puppies! As much as I love the dollar store I haven’t noticed the wire wreath frames, thanks for the heads up. What you’ve done with the bunnies opens up tons of possibilities!

  5. Yep, you got our attention all right! Those are precious and such a neat idea for something different on a door. Is there a way to send you a picture of a wood chickie I’ve made?

  6. I used your idea but flip flopped the bunnies head and feet ever other one. Also glued some easter eggs in kind of a mound on the inside of the wire wreath frame. Thank You for the idea.

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