Springtime Tablescape

I love springtime. Maybe I love autumn more, but there is something to be said for springtime as after winter hibernation when nature claims the barren and recently frozen landscape. Setting a spring tablescape for a luncheon is a wonderful way to celebrate the season and welcome friends and let them revel in the joy of the coming season, too! The color scheme for this is primarily lavender and white, I like the soft colors, but you could . You could easily create a similar look in a variety of colors.

Wisteria hanging over a table set with floral plates and lavender napkins

I first shared this spring table setting back in 2018, but it is continually one of readers’ favorites. I thought it was time to share it again. This seems just perfect for the wonderful month of May, when the world starts coming to life and showing all of the beautiful colors that nature brings us. No matter if you have a garden full of blooming flowers, or you buy yourself some blooms, enjoy this time of year! Although I incorporated lavender wisteria along with the white wisteria, this might be a stunning table for a wedding or bridal shower with all white flowers.

Purple and white wisteria hanging over a luncheon table

The big impact of this beautiful tablescape is of course the floral arrangement displayed over the table. The center of the table is kept simple with four flower pots with faux boxwood planted in them.

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Place setting of hydrangea petal placemats, white dinner plate and hydrangea plates with a humming bird on them.  Lavender napkins tucked into a watering can napkin ring

The place settings are simple white plates set upon hydrangea petal placemats and are topped with hydrangea decorated salad plates. Can you believe these salad plates are melamine? They are making so many gorgeous dishes out of melamine that can be used safely outdoors! These place settings would make a beautiful Easter table with the soft color palette.

Small boxwood plants for a centerpiece

I wanted the beautiful wisteria that hung down from my chandelier to be the showstopper for this tablescape. Therefore, I kept the centerpiece for this table very simple. I wanted to continue the garden theme, so simple pots of faux boxwood, were all the tabletop needed!

Wisteria hanging over a table set with floral plates and lavender napkins

The overhead shot of a tablescape is always a great way to show off the entire look and style of the table in one shot. Isn’t this dreamy? It is said for we table stylists, that the climb is always worth the shot! I love to use fresh flowers, but this design really called for artificial blooms.

salad plates with hydrangeas on them

Napkin rings were also kept simple, but so in tune with the pretty garden theme. Lavender linen napkins were tucked right into the watering cans. Sweet little watering can napkin rings were just the ticket for this inspiring spring tablescape. If you can’t source the watering can napkin rings

Wisteria hanging over a table set with floral plates and lavender napkins

My husband and I finally found this chandelier at a little shop in Hilton Head, South Carolina after a three year search. I had no idea I would enjoy styling it as much as I have. It is just perfect for so many creative styling ideas. The whole look is magical and very garden-like. With warmer weather around the corner, I might try to set a similar table outdoors.

I considered using a table runner, but felt that a more simple table with the wood finish made this seem a little more like it was out in the garden among the flowers.

Wisteria hanging over a table set with floral plates and lavender napkins

When I spotted this gorgeous artificial wisteria at Michael’s I knew I was going to use it somewhere!  When I started adding to my chandelier, I soon found myself heading back to buy even more!  This is a combination of sprays of wisteria and little bushes of shorter pieces.  It looks so amazing, I am wondering how long I can leave it up there before it gets weird.


Wisteria hanging over a table set with floral plates and lavender napkins

The best way to style your own themed tablescape is to browse the internet for spring inspiration from websites like this one or to visit shops like Pottery Barn to see how they are styling a beautiful spring table.

My favorite tips for spring tablescape inspiration:

Sit in your dining room and imagine ways you would like to style your table.
Look through the table linens you already own for color inspiration.
Look for upcoming special occasions to inspire you,
Shop your favorite places for ideas (not necessarily products).
Pick your favorite flowers and style your table around them.
Make or buy a fancy dessert and display it on a cake stand for a centerpiece.
Set a small bud vase at each place setting with a single bloom in each one.
Look for diy ideas for creating a centerpiece to style your own spring tablescape around.

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  1. Gorgeous, Chloe…I love the wisteria cascading down from your chandy! I’d be tempted to leave those pretty purple and white blooms up through Mother’s Day! Your hydrangea plates are beautiful one framed by your leaf placemats, paired with your purple napkins and watering can napkin rings. Thanks so much for all your organizing efforts and hosting this blog hop! It’s always a pleasure to blog hop with you, Happy Spring. ♥

    1. Thank you so much Mary! I styled this several weeks ago and joked about how long I could leave up the wisteria before it began to be weird. I finally took it down, before they became all covered with dust! I really enjoy all of the creativity that everyone comes up with in these blog hops. Thank you again for joining me!

    1. Thank you so much Carole! As things came together, I replaced the original placemats I had selected with these hydrangea petal ones from Pier One. Thank you so much for joining me again!

  2. The only simple about this, Chloe, is the fact that it’s simply gorgeous! From the moment you created the graphic with the wisteria teaser, I fell hard for it. There is just something about purple and green (and the white) that is so strikingly spring to me – like my pansies springing up after winter against the grass. This chandelier treatment has me wowed, and Kim’s did too on Wednesday. Love your comment on how long before it gets weird, lol. Not to mention the rest of the table elements, which also appeal to me, as does the boxwood. It’s the perfect complement down the table.
    Thanks so much, Chloe, for another gathering of blogging friends. It’s been a beautiful showing of spring tables.

    1. Thank you so much, Rita! I had that teaser done early because I actually was on the ball and had my table ready and my post completed early this time! It has been such a pleasure to see all of the creative tables everyone has shared again. I am so pleased to have you join me again!

  3. Chloe, Thank you for organizing the blog hop. Isn’t it amazing how different each one is!

    Your table and chandelier are so lovely. Wisteria is blooming in our area and the smell is ethereal. I love the floral plates with hydrangeas and the sweet hummingbird placed on your hydrangea petal placemats. They add the perfect delicate texture juxtaposed against your natural wood table. Then for a darling touch of whimsey you added the watering can napkin rings. I might have to have a set of those napkin rings.

    1. Yes, Bonnie, I love seeing how each tablescape has its owe personality. Alas, I don’t have wisteria here in Florida. I think I will be using this combination of place settings again! Thank you again for joining me for another hop!

  4. OMG… the wisteria hanging from your chandelier is spectacular! It is so so lovely. Your setting just says spring in such an artistic, inviting way. Also, thanks so much for including me in this blog hop Chloe!

  5. Chloe, how gorgeous is the wisteria hanging from the chandy! I would leave it for a while and enjoy its beauty! The floral plates with the purple napkins and watering can rings are perfect! This is just beautiful! Thank you for organizing this blog hop, it is always so much fun to see everyone’s creativity!

    1. Thank you Pam! I did leave the wisteria for a couple of weeks, but finally tucked it away before it got dusty! I was happy with how this all came together, but even happier with how we have all pulled off another successful tablescape blog hop! Thank you so much for joining me once again!

  6. Good Morning Chloe!
    Happy Spring and thank you so much for organizing this blog hop. Such a lovely and talented group of women.

    Oh this tablescape is beyond dreamy! Wisteria from the chandelier, well it just doesn’t get any better than this. Talk about precious napkin rings! (The gardener in me tells me I must have some too!) Hydrangea plates framed so sweetly by leafy placemats. This is Spring!


    1. Thank you so much Jemma! Sometimes we are happier than others with how a table comes together, and I am pleased with this one. thank you so much for joining me for another successful blog hop!

  7. Oh holy cow that is one gorgeous table Chloe! The wisteria and those stunning dishes are not calling my name. They are yelling it. 🙂 Those napkins are the cutest, can I ask where you got them? Your table is just wonderful. I love the wisteria hanging down, it is evoking a romantic flowering canopy that any guest would feel just enveloped in gorgeous blooms. That is complete southern hospitality! I love it.

    Thank you for organizing the Blog Hop. I am honored to be included and have had a great time.

    1. Thank you so much Christine! I couldn’t find lavender napkins (and was so surprised in my overflowing drawers of them I didn’t have any), so I turned to Amazon! Same with the napkin rings! Thank you so much for joining me for another successful hop!

  8. Oh Chloe, you had me at purple wisteria…as you know the closest we can come to real wisteria here in SW Florida is the Queen’s wreath, Petra volubilis – a vine native to Mexico and altho I have never planted it…your “plantings” of Wisteria hanging from your chandy are the next best thing.

    I also love purple lilacs but sadly we can’t grow them either. sigh!

    So, your tablescape is perfect with the boxwood centerpiece and the hydrangea salad plates…I have a feeling I will soon be looking for them in a store near me… which is idle talk for another on line purchase. 🙂

    Thank you again for getting this Springtime table hop together as it is always such fun with the other bloggers who are so talented. Bless you.

    1. Thank you Kari! The best thing about this wisteria is it won’t take over my entire yard! I feel the same way about all kinds of things we can’t grow down here…peonies, lily of the valley and hosta are a few of my favorites. Thank you so much for joining me again for another great hop!

  9. Breathtaking Chloe! I love floral chandys, yours is truly outstanding, fabulous and fantastic! AND THOSE hydrangea plates, swoon!!! The placemats and deep purple napkins, swoon again!! Bravo Chloe!!! I do hope you’re having a party!

  10. Chloe, this is stunning. It reminds me of an Italian or French villa, with the beautiful wisteria and lavender tones. I love the hydrangea plates as well – so perfect for spring. Thank you for inviting me to the blog hop. I love seeing how spring inspires everyone and there is so much talent!

  11. Chloe!! This is spectacular!! Your wisteria chandelier is gorgeous!! I love your comment about how long can you leave it up before it gets weird!!! I would hate to take this down – but your right – you really keep it up forever!
    I have already pinned your table – its just one of those dreamy tables I see and think that everything just has to fall into place to get a table to look like that – and your’s has – The grayish textured table makes the perfect background – the greens and purples just pop off of it. You have kept things simple – in the napkin and the centerpiece – where they need to be to let those wonderful floral plates shine. Just beautiful!!

    Thank you so much for organizing this hop- it has been so much fun. What a wonderful group of talented ladies, each table has been such a dose of Spring that we need since the weather has not been cooperating for most of us! Happy Spring!!!

  12. I wouldn’t want to remove the wisteria from the chandy at all. There’d be ghosts and ghouls for Halloween and Santa with reindeer for Christmas. This is an amazing table Chloe! The table complements the chandy and vice-versa. Once again, I’ve had a blast this week and thank you so much for bringing us together and introducing us to new friends.

  13. Chloe – thank you for all the beauty you create! I love your tablescapes, and as a result I have created my first Easter/Spring table. I have a passion for dishes, so I’m really glad I found you, and all the other talented ladies on your blog hop. Thanks so much!

  14. Chloe, this table is stunning. I am a big fan of decorating my chandeliers. You have wowed us all with this gorgeous display of cascading wisteria. By all means, leave it up to enjoy. I am loving the beautiful hydrangeas salad plates. The cute little watering can napkin rings are so perfect for this table. Thanks so much for organizing such a fun tablescape blog hop.

  15. Such a beautiful spring table Chloe! Your hydrangea plates are gorgeous, and the boxwood really speaks of spring. But the showstopper is that wisteria! Oh. My. Goodness. Stunning! Always an inspiration. Thank you so much for hosting this fun blog hop. It is always a pleasure 🙂

  16. Sweet Chloe, this table is absolutely beautiful! Oh my, that wisteria chandelier centerpiece is such a stunning statement, and the pretty floral plates and pop of deep purple make such a gorgeous compliment to such a lovely setting. This belongs in a magazine! Thanks so much for hosting these hops. I know that a lot of work goes into each and every one. I hope that you have a very Happy Easter!!!

  17. Chloe, first to say, thank you again and again for hosting the fabulous Spring Tablescape Blog Hop last week. I’m obviously a little behind in visiting, but I’m am so honored to be among your tablescape tribe. The talent shown last week is just amazing. We could start an Internet tablescape company! Your tablescape is stunning. The wisteria hanging from the chandelier is breathtaking and I love the floral plates and deep purple color scheme. Great job, my sweet friend.

  18. One of my favorite tables this season! Especially love the hydrangea plates and wisteria overhead. I’d leave up until Memorial Day. If u take it down earlier u can send it to me in Pittsburgh! LOL

  19. Chloe! The wisteria chandelier is breathtaking! I would leave it up all Summer! I am always so inspired by your gorgeous Tablescapes & you know I love your FB Lives! Thank you for hosting!

  20. Chloe, I am so glad I am back in Wisconsin to be able to now catch up on my comments on all of the beautiful Spring tablescapes in the Spring Time Tablescape Blog Hop. I am always amazed at the limitless talent that is devoted to their creation with each and every new hop. Chloe, your hanging wisteria is one of the amazing features. I am stunned by its beauty and addition to the elegance of the table. Your hanging “garden” works beautifully with the floral hydrangra plates, watering can napkin rings, boxwood and petal placemats. I truly felt like I was in the midst of a gorgeous botanical garden. I can just imagine the excitement on each of your guest’s face as they are asked to be seated at this exquisite table. This is on the top of my list!

  21. This table is breathtaking, Chloe! I love every element and the color palette is perfect for spring. Your cascading wisteria wreath can honestly stay right where it is through the whole season-you’d feel as though you were dining alfresco! Your napkin rings – adorable. Beautiful job!

  22. Oh my! I think this might just be the most beautiful table I have ever seen. I love the flowers hanging down over it and I seriously want those pretty, pretty plates! Pinned.

  23. I loved the color combination, and the multiple layers and textures of those layers of the place setting. Could you share where you found the hydrangea petal placemats and hydrangea plates?

  24. Such amazing colors to create a spring tablescape!
    Thank you for sharing your post on Oh My Heartsie Girls WW last week!
    This week it is being featured, hope you will stop by and share again!!
    It has also been Pinned to Pinterest!!
    Now wishing you a great week ahead!!

  25. Chloe, I’m glad you shared this post again as I don’t recall seeing it! That wisteria is dreamy! And I just love all the colors of spring. Now it relates to me even more since I was just sitting at that table not that long ago! Thank you for all the cheerful inspiration!

  26. This is absolutely stunning Chloe! I am always star-struck when it comes to wisteria, and you’ve created such a gorgeous space with it. I’m loving those dishes too. Thank you for the inspiration!

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