Alice in Wonderland Party Food Ideas

Alice in Wonderland continues to be a popular theme for parties of all kinds.   Who hasn’t indulged in the Lewis Carroll classic? I get so much feedback on the Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower I held a couple of years ago now.  You can see all of the pictures from that event here.  Today, however, I wanted to share all kinds of ideas both mine and others for Alice in Wonderland food ideas!


Tiny bottles with blue juice and Drink Me tags on them for an Alice in Wonderland party

It likely doesn’t matter what you serve up in little bottles, but you will want to serve up something in tiny bottles just like the bottles that Alice found and drank from. One to grow and one to shrink! Add to the theming with adorable Drink Me tags attached to the neck of the bottle like these from Down Redbud Drive!

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Fun tiny bottles of watermelon soup for an Alice in Wonderland tea party

For my Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower I served up “Jabberwocky Juice” (watermelon soup) in individual jars. I can’t find these bottles any longer, but I found these which would also be cute!

Entrees and finger sandwiches:

Alice in Wonderland Party Foods mini macaroni and cheese casseroles, butterfly shaped finger sandwiches served alongside salad with strawberries and mandarin oranges

For some savory dishes, individual casseroles of macaroni and cheese become Alice in Wonderland themed when you make it with bow tie pasta and call it Mad Hatter’s Bowties and Cheese! These were served up right next to butterfly shaped finger sandwiches. Simply use cookie cutters to cut your tea sandwiches into creative shapes. Keep your wonderland party food bite sized to go along with the idea that Alice had to shrink to go through the door into wonderland!

Finger sandwiches or tea sandwiches on white and rye breads with hearts, diamonds spades and clover shapes, perfect for a card party

Anthea at Inspiring Magical Memories made these sweet Queen of Hearts inspired tea sandwiches. The white bread ones are ham, cheese and strawberry jam. The second ones are cucumber, cream cheese and dill on rye bread. I love how she created the card suits on both of them!

Sweets and Treats:

Cheshire Cat Cupcakes in purple and lavender

These cute little Cheshire Cat cupcakes are sure to be a hit at your Alice-themed event!  You can find all the directions at DisneyFamily.com. If you aren’t handy at cake decorating, take this photo to a local baker and ask them to replicate them!

Tiny teacups made from cookies, marshmallows and lifesavers with chocolate tops on them

How about making these cute little marshmallow “teacups” for a mad hatter’s tea party? Kids will love pretending they are drinking a little cup of tea at a wonderland tea party! My inspiration for this and the instructions for making them can be found at Stay at Home Mum.

Cheshire cat cheese ball with almond teeth and apple eyes and tortilla ears and spaghetti whiskers over a stack of crackers

Here is a different twist on a Cheshire Cat!  A cheese ball!  Almond teeth and tortilla ears help create this yummy cat! I am so envious of this stand they had for displaying the cat, just like in the movie, he is floating!

Heart shaped cherry pie with cherry topping and cherry ice cream

Cherry tarts cut made from puff pastry sheets and filled with cherry pie filling are a sweet nod to the Queen of Hearts!

Beautiful Alice in Wonderland cookies, March hare, Alice's dress, Mad Hatter's hat, mushrooms and watch cookies

You can find amazing cookies like these with the March hare, Alice’s dress and more fun shapes from Marinold Cakes on Etsy!

Gorgeous tiered alice in wonderland cake

Go all out by hiring a bakery to make an amazing cake like this one from TRP Cake Studio! This one includes all of the elements that make it so special to Alice in Wonderland! There is the caterpillar playing croquet with a flamingo, the tiny door Alice has to go through and the dormouse peeking out of a teapot on the top of the cake! This would certainly be the star of any wonderland party!

Alice in wonderland themed cake pops in blue with white collar and black bows

How about cute little cake pops? These are from Etsy, too! Guests will be delighted with these!

White cupcakes with white frosting and gold Eat Me tags on top of them

Home baked or store bought cupcakes can be dressed up with these cute toppers! You can even customize the colors!

When planning your wonderland menu, keep in mind how Alice shrank to get through the little door!  Create foods that are tiny or extra large.  Make tiny little finger sandwiches.  Think about your guests and what they might like. Small children might be happiest with finger sandwiches of peanut butter. Be creative and give your foods labels to tie them into your Wonderland theme!  Have fun and be creative with your wonderland party ideas!

Wonderland Party Decorations:

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There are so many great resources for party decorations, but here are a few of my favorites for a wonderland party:

Assorted fun colored mad hatter hats

Have fun with these cute Mad Hatter hats!

Alice in wonderland party backdrop with multi colored balloons

Alice in Wonderland balloon garland kit!

Vintage look alice in wonderland signs for your party

Alice in Wonderland vintage arrow signs!

Alice in Wonderland photo or party backdrop

This is my favorite! Just $17.99!! Step into a fantasy world with an easy to hang backdrop! It is like you are in a beautiful garden! This backdrop really sets the mood for your Wonderland party!!

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