Summertime Tablescapes

It is time for a gathering of lovely summertime tables.  I have teamed up with a lovely group of bloggers who will all be bringing you their vision of a summertime tablescape this week!

A drive through the Cleveland Metroparks was such a relaxing way to spend an afternoon.  I told my husband I would call him and tell him where to meet me for dinner.  I know he was expecting a restaurant, so this would be a nice surprise.

I am spending a little time up in Ohio, and although we have a lovely “backyard” at our condominium, I wanted to get a little closer to nature.  

When I saw this pretty spot, I knew it would be the perfect place!  

Time to spread out the cloth and set this table!  I brought an entire trunk full of table-settings and food for this evening.  When you aren’t at home, you can’t be running back and forth!  This beautiful cloth by Envogue is from Amazon.  I fell in love with the bold blue and white pattern.  

The addition of this blue throw did just the trick to soften the bold pattern, especially since the napkins were the same pattern.

These plates made me Home Goods happy!  They had such pretty variation in shades of blue and a lovely pattern around the edge.  One of the delights of collecting a set of dishes for just two place settings is you can find amazing values at places like Home Goods when there are only a couple of plates left instead of trying to collect four or six or eight of the same dishes.  These salad plates were in the clearance section!The glasses are actually unbreakable glasses from Stein Mart.  Perfect for the out of doors.  Alas, in the park, it won’t be wine, but lemonade we will be sipping!  

A blue-gray pot seemed too tall for a centerpiece so I simply turned it on its side and let the my yellow bouquet tumble out onto the tabletop.

I usually style an elaborate table, but I am trying to take things more simple these days.  This seemed particularly fitting for a summertime tablescape.

I love adding pops of yellow with blue and these sunflowers were part of a grocery store bouquet of yellow flowers.

Where will you set a pretty table this summer?  At a local park, in the backyard or on the porch?  Visit the following bloggers this week for inspiration for your summertime dining.


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I will be sharing this at the following link party:  The Scoop 


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  1. Simply and stylishly pretty, Chloe! I do love HG for those one (or two) off items in the clearance bins, and estate sales are much the same for picking pretty plates. Your combinations are always winners in my book, and you’ve just proven you can do it without a lot of extras (although that vase full of flowers is definitely a step up from simple!). Thank you for taking charge as host to this gathering of tables. I know you are crazy busy. I still don’t understand why you never got the summertime chill memo. 😉

    1. Oh Rita, you are so funny! I did have a nice cruise, but yes, I hit the ground running when I got back! I was proud of myself for styling a table that is a little more simple than I usually do.

  2. Chloe, what a nice place to picnic in style! Love the flowers turned on their side and the bright yellows work so beautiful with the blues! A picnic for two is perfect, love the HG dishes. HG is sixty miles away, so I never get in on the clearance tables. Thanks so much for hosting and organizing the blog hop!

    1. Oh my, Pam, 60 miles!? I guess that would save me a lot of money! It was fun to set a pretty table in the park and have my hubby join me for a summertime “picnic”!

  3. Chloe, The blue patterned fabric paired with the blue throw is gorgeous. My biggest take away, beside the beautiful setting, is turning the vase on its side. That’s a genius idea. I can’t believe you brought everything from Florida to Ohio. Thanks for puttin the blog hop together agin.

    1. Thank you so much Carol. I actually didn’t bring any of these things to Ohio, I bought them up there. However, my suitcase was full of tablecloths and other items for my niece’s bridal shower!

    1. Thank you so much, it was nice to take some time to just have a casual dinner for two in the park, but it was also so nice to set a pretty table in a rustic setting.

  4. Such fun Chloe! Love the loose style and the spilled centerpiece, very artistic! Beautiful setting too! I’m sorry to have missed the tablescape hop this week, I would love to join if you do another one~

  5. Creative and fun. Love the colors, patterns and textures. Your centerpiece is charming and makes your tablescape memorable.
    Glad you escaped the humidity. Right now in the south the glasses and camera lens fog up instantly.
    I’ve got Pam beat, from my house to the nearest Home Goods is 185 miles!

  6. Such a beautiful surprise your pic nic in light blue! Love everything <3
    Thank you for hosting the blog hop, it's always inspiring join this beautiful group!

  7. I love this Chloe!! When it comes to summer, I try to spend most of my time outdoors and this includes dinner.
    So happy to see that you feel the same. What a beautiful place to enjoy a little dinner alfresco. Such a fun and creative way to enjoy the outdoors.

    Your table is beautiful. I love the blue color palette. It is always fresh and relaxed. And aren’t sunflowers perfect with blue??? I just styled a table with the same colors and it is a combination that always makes everyone smile. The tablecloth and plates are gorgeous.

    Love it all. So happy to be joining you on this summer table blog hop and thank you for hosting.


    1. Thank you Janet. It is difficult for me pull back and not do ‘over the top’ tablescapes, so this was an accomplishment for me! It was a perfect spot for a quiet dinner for my hubby and I. Yes, sunflowers are a perfect complement to blues, aren’t they? I am so happy you are a part of the blog hop again!

  8. I love those sunflowers! I thought of using some too, but was worried they were too “fall”. You have totally pulled it off! I wish I had done it now 😉 the blue is a perfect compliment as always, so basically, when are we all coming over for dinner at that table?! 😉

    1. Thank you so much Ariel! I spotted that yellow bouquet at the grocery store and thought it would be perfect for my table! The yellow does “pop: the blue, doesn’t it?

  9. Chloe, I love blue and yellow together. Your table looks fabulous. Turning the flowers on their side is a lovely look. A perfect spot for enjoying dining outdoors. I guess my invitation got lost in the mail.

  10. I love that you made a special table for your date! It’s nice to treat those we love with something special. Those glasses are darling and I love the flowers spilling out, what a great idea! So beautiful as always, thank you so much for inviting me to join you on this tablescape hop! Kim

    1. Thank you Kim! It is really funny, because usually when my husband comes home and sees a pretty table set, he knows I have been blogging all day long and that means he is taking me out to dinner, so it was fun to surprise him! The flowers spilling out actually came about because the vase kept blowing over…a happy accident that actually put the color right down on the table.

  11. Gorgeous! Blue is my absolute favorite color and this is a perfect summer tablescape. The addition of the yellow flowers spilling out of the vase makes it perfect. Well done!

    1. Thank you so much Darlene! I tell the story of how my husband “blued” me to death when we were first married, so I was so ‘anti’ blue for years, but I am really enjoying decorating with it in my new(er) home!

  12. Your table is gorgeous! I so love blue and white as I have transferware in various designs of J.Bros.
    Thank you for the inspiration. I too have a Summer table posted.
    I just came from Janet’s looking at the amazing table for Summer she created.

  13. What a gorgeous table!!! I love the setting, you really made an old picnic table look fabulous! so many textures and interest – it all comes together beautifully.

  14. I love all the blues in your tablescape. Your idea about tipping over the vase and allowing the flowers to spill out is really great.

  15. What a pleasant surprise for your husband! You have a way with Al Fresco dining and I love all of your interpretations. The share of blue in the cloth and the dishes is very cool and works so well on hot and balmy days. The pop of yellow from the sunflowers is just enough warmth for this table. Perfect table and perfect location. Well done Chloe!

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