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Chloe is the creator of Celebrate & Decorate. Chloe is passionate about having a comfortable and well designed home - she also loves to entertain family and friends. Learn more about Chloe. Follow Chloe: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube


  1. Wow, Chloe, you really are burning the candle on both ends with two concurrent blog hops! The Frozen concept is a cute theme for your granddaughters’ enjoyment as part of Christmas in July.

    1. I didn’t want to turn down the opportunity for my free new tree when Treetopia invited me to join them! On top of that, Hometalk asked me to do a ‘fill in’ LIVE on Facebook today at 1 PM! What do they say…”ask a busy person….”

  2. Chloe. What a fun Christmas in July…homemadeice cream is a favorite at my house. I am amazed at how you do it all??

    1. Oh Pam, sometimes I wonder myself! As if I didn’t have enough going on, Hometalk asked at 4 PM yesterday if I could do a Facebook Live today! Thank goodness I had a project already completed and posted both on the blog and on Hometalk! A quick run to Joann’s this morning and I will be ready to go! But, yes, I was mixing plaster of paris at 10 PM last night! That vacation cruise last month is now just a distant memory!

  3. Over the top Chloe! Love the blue tree and all the fabulous Elsa details! Your granddaughters must think you are a fairy godmother grandmother!!

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer, your DIY ornaments are adorable! You are really creative coming up with new ideas every summer!

  4. Christmas in July, how cool is this (no pun intended). The tree is a lovely shade of blue and what a welcome change from the traditional green. The theme is absolutely perfect and I bet any little girl would love this.!

    1. Thank you Sandra, It was a surprise that Treetopia contacted me, but I am really pleased with the blue tree and look forward to using it again at Christmastime!

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