Tuesday Tips – Yapp: Create an App for your next Party/Event!

Looking for a creative way to get the details of your next party to your guests? Why not send them the details via an app?

Yapp is a new web application (currently in beta) that allows party planners to create a mobile application for their event.  The final mobile application is accesible to your guests via Yapp’s iOS app or through their phone’s mobile browser. Hopefully an Android app is in the works.

Yapp Logo: Create an app for your next event!

App creation takes place on their website, on your web browser of choice. The user interface is very simple to understand. Anyone will be able to easily pick this up.

Yapp mobile application builder

With 25 themes to choose from, there is a good variety and you are likely to find something that will fit the style/theme of your event.

Yapp theme selection.

After the theme is selected you begin to create the application’s pages. You have control of how many pages the application has as well as the title of each page; there are 6 different types of pages to select from:

  1. Invitation – This is where you will provide the specifics of the party. (Can’t delete this page, your app must have the invitation page)
  2. Gallery – This is where you can put pictures – if you were creating an app for a wedding this would be a great place to feature the happy couple’s engagement photos.
  3. News Feed – Your guests can post pictures from the party or write a little message on the feed. This is a great way to document the party! You can even connect the News Feed page to a Twitter feed.
  4. Schedule – Provide your guests a schedule of events. This would come in handy when creating an app for a conference or an event that takes place over a long period of time.
  5. People – On this page you list key people at the event. This would be great for a wedding; the “People” page could list the wedding party.
  6. Simple Text – Place any text you would like here – this would be a good place to have links to online registries.

It is your choice what pages you have in your app, except for the Invitation page, which is a must.

Yapp Invitation Page

Once you have all your pages the way you like them it is as simple as clicking the “Publish” button, and your app is ready to share.

Yapp allows you to share your app with guests via email. Your guests will receive an email with instructions on how to access the app. As stated above their choices are the Yapp application from the iOS app store, or by using their mobile browser.  Once your guest has determined the method of accessing the app they will input an event ID code. The code helps to keep your app accessible only to your guests. So, as long as guests do not share it, no uninvited guests should be able to access the app.

This app is a great way to keep all the information your guests will need in one place. They will always have the event details accessible to them. This is also a great way to document the party, and allow for the memories to live on after everyone has gone home. With the News Feed page guests can post pictures, and comments – so, the app can serve as way to look back and reminisce on the great times the party provided.

Would you use this new tool for your next party? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I might be a little biased since I make invitations for a living but I just love ‘regular’ invitations! I don’t think anything can replace getting a pretty invitation delivered to you in the mail. (Though that’s definitely my personal opinion too, not just my professional one.) ; ) I really like the other features though, like the schedule, and the fact that it’s interactive. Sounds PERFECT for weddings especially!

    1. I agree, nothing like receiving an invitation in the mail. I think Yapp would be a great thing to send after the invitations have gone out. Definitely great for weddings!

    2. I’m Luke from Yapp. We agree about Yapp not replacing a beautiful paper wedding invitation. Some couples include a link or QR code for the Yapp within their invitation materials, which is a nice balance between tradition and modern technology!

      Thanks for the great writeup, Chloe!

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