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Unique Christmas Decoration

Make this Unique Christmas Decoration

I keep this old ladder in my family room with blankets folded over it.  The blankets are there to curl up under on the couch, they add some color and texture to my room and they help absorb sounds in my room, too.  I have been putting up my Christmas tree and the rest of my decorations and looked at that old ladder.  I thought it needed a little “fixing up” for the holidays too!  

I had a couple of artificial garlands so I began with those, attaching one to the top of the ladder on one side.  I simply used pipe cleaners to secure it.  My second garland was attached the same way on the other side of the ladder.  I let this garland go to the floor and then attached it where the top reached to.  The theme I have decided to use for Christmas this year is candy canes and gingerbread.  I found this cute little gingerbread decoration designed to stick in your yard.  I removed to spikes and attached this to my ladder with some pipe cleaners.  She adds some definite JOY to my blanket ladder.

Now my ladder is really getting fun!  I added a pair of gingerbread stockings and some little gingerbread fabric ornaments.

Of course I had to add ribbon!  This fun glittery red and white striped wire edge ribbon with green edges was perfect!  A big bow at the top and lots of long tails added to the festive look!I have my beautifully decorated ladder and a place to hang my stockings, too!  Grab an old ladder and get decorating!  

I will be sharing this at: Project Inspired |  Make it Pretty Monday 

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  1. Wow! what a clever idea, and so simple! And on top of that it looks cute and elegant. Always glad to see new and unique ideas.

  2. Chloe, you are just too talented! You must have taken MY talent and blessed with a double dose! Ha-Ha. I look forward to your posts. Just maybe some of your creative thoughts and ideas will rub off on me. Thanks for doing such a GREAT job.

  3. LOVE the ladder and greenery. I would have used more rustic decorations rather than the gingerbread man and other add-ons but still love the idea.

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