Unique DIY Napkin Rings for a Pretty Table

I love to style creative tablescapes and one of the things that makes a tablescape personal is creating unique napkin rings.  There are so many beautiful napkin rings you can buy, but they can get very pricey.  Challenging myself to come up with unique napkin rings that I can make myself is another way to make my tablescapes exclusive.Unique DIY Napkin RingsYou can use a cardboard tube for all kinds of DIY napkin rings!  I wrapped twine around these and secured with hot glue!

Unique DIY Napkin Rings

When I was finished, I added a pretty seashell to each one and suddenly had created a lovely napkin ring to display for a seaside inspired tablescape.  If you would like to visit this pretty tablescape from last summer, you can see it at: Summer Beach Tablescape.

Unique DIY Napkin RingsWhen we bought our home the previous residents left some sheer curtains and these tiebacks.  I know these tiebacks and tassels are expensive, so although they didn’t really match my decor, I have held onto them.  Unique DIY Napkin RingsOnce again, a cardboard tube cut in pieces and some hot glue were the makings of some unique napkin rings.  Unique DIY Napkin RingsThese ended up being a beautiful addition to my Indian inspired tablescape!  Don’t overlook any item you may have laying around which might be figured into a napkin ring!

Unique DIY Napkin RingsI took some little bunnies from The Dollar Tree and simply stitched their little paws together.

Unique DIY Napkin RingsFor my Easter table these sweet little bunnies will hold my colorful napkins on the plates for guests. I shared these for my Spring Tablescape Blog Hop.  There is plenty of time to stitch up these little cuties!

Unique DIY Napkin RingsI found these little plastic silver napkin rings at The Dollar Tree.  There are six of these in a package for just one dollar.  These can be the base for any kind of napkin rings by just adding the adornment you wish.Unique DIY Napkin RingsUnique DIY Napkin RingsI used small starfish to these silver plastic rings with a dollop of hot glue and I had pretty coastal inspired napkin rings for my  Coastal Tablescape!    Don’t be afraid to get creative and make some unique napkin rings for your next dinner party, or just to surprise your family!

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