Use Hollow Core Doors for Home Decor

Use Hollow Core Doors for Home Decor!

A few years ago my husband and I wanted to create some over-sized art to add a pop of color to our home decor.   We priced out canvases and decided they were too expensive.  At a trip to Home Depot, we spotted plain hollow core doors and a decision was made!  These would be our “canvases” .  My husband got creative with paint and made Jackson Pollack inspired art pieces.This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience.  Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

We were often asked where we got the pieces and I enjoyed sharing that my husband also had a pair of tennis shoes that matched our art!

This time I used the doors for a different purpose, I am in the middle of re-decorating a room for my granddaughters to stay in while they are at my house for an extended visit and had a thought on how to use these doors again.I began this project by sanding the edges of my door and painting it with a high gloss white paint.  I used a roller good for smooth finishes.  The doors I used for this project were 30″ x 80″ unfinished hollow core doors which are available at most home warehouse stores.  I eventually applied two coats of paint to my door.  For this project it was unnecessary to paint the back of my door.  Time for the magic!  I used this tropical leaves on a pink background wallpaper.  I attached the wallpaper per the instructions that came with it.  The wallpaper was 18″ wide and I chose to add it as a stripe up the middle of the door as opposed to covering the entire door, which would have also been an option.  This is Emily & Meritt Palm Leaf Surestrip wallpaper from Pottery Barn Teen.

I wrapped the wallpaper over the ends of the doors for a tidy finish to them.  Time to attach my doors to the wall above the twin beds in the room I am re-decorating for my granddaughters.  There are numerous ways to attach the doors to the wall.  I rested my doors on the floor and since my exterior walls are concrete block I used a heavy duty Velcro with adhesive “L” brackets would work for this also, especially if you wanted to raise your doors up higher on the wall.  When I made the bed in coordinating linens, the door takes on the look of a headboard.  This was just the look I was going for and I can’t say enough about how easy these hollow core doors are to work with.  I would love to hear if you decide to use one and how you will use one to add to your home decor.

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  1. What a great idea Chloe! I never would’ve imagined to use a door that way. Love the idea. You created a very custom look and something you can continue to use even when the grands extended visit is over. You and hubby are obviously very talented people!

  2. Beautiful Chloe and so imaginative…I would have never thought to use a door like that. I am still fascinated by the velcro you used. I would have thought the door would still be too heavy to hold to the wall even though it is hollow. How much velcro did you use? Top, middle and bottom of the door? Just curious. thanks

    1. Thank you Kari! I did use the velcro on the top, middle and bottom of the door on angles, not just straight. I used three 2 foot pieces. The door is also resting on the floor, so that supports some of the weight. We have found attaching things to our exterior walls to be a challenge, so this was a new method for us.

  3. I love your idea in using doors to make beautiful decorative ways! You have such an amazing imagination. Wish I had you around at my house for awhile! I don’t have extra doors, but I will keep this idea in mind, perhaps a friend or loved one could use this idea. Thanks for sharing your artistic skills with all of us!

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