Vintage Style Valentine’s Wreath

I love classic decorations for holidays and I also like vintage style decorations.  I saw some beautiful heart Christmas ornaments and decided right then I would use them to make a vintage Valentine’s wreath.A Vintage Valentine's Wreath

Make a vintage Valentine's Wreath What am I doing with straws and lace, right?  I knew my wreath would need some lace flowers, but I had never made them before.  I tried just rolling the lace around with some hot glue holding them together, but that wasn’t really doing the trick, they didn’t look very nice.  Make a vintage Valentine's Wreath I decided I needed something as a base for the middle of the lace flowers, so I dug through my boxes of ‘junk’ and found paper straws.  I knew these would do the trick.  I cut the straws into 3 to 4 inch pieces to begin with. I take a piece of lace and fold it in half.  Then I put hot glue all around one end of the straw.  Make a vintage Valentine's Wreath Begin to make your flower by wrapping the lace around the straw, adhering it well to the glue.  Make a vintage Valentine's Wreath Continue to make your flower by adding glue and rolling the straw as you attach the lace.  Don’t stretch it and attach it tightly, you want it to be loose at the top and glued tight at the base like a rose would be.  Make a vintage Valentine's Wreath Here you can see how I have pinched it at the base to the straw.  Make a vintage Valentine's Wreath Here is the lace flower, finished and ready to add to my vintage Valentine’s wreath!  These will be the perfect addition to my pretty satin and lace hearts.Make a vintage Valentine's Wreath Here is one of my flowers made with a different lace, but made in the same manner.  Make a vintage Valentine's Wreath I cut the straw off near the base of the flower and stick a wrapped stem wire into the flower, add a bit of hot glue to secure it.  Make a vintage Valentine's Wreath Here you can see the lace flower on a coated wire to easily work into my grapevine wreath.

Make a vintage Valentine's Wreath With my lace flowers finished, it was time to assemble my wreath.  In my mind, there isn’t much more vintage-looking than a grapevine wreath, and an oval one at that . I suspended my satin and lace hearts in the center with piece from extra pieces of lace.  Make a vintage Valentine's Wreath A fluffy sheer cream colored bow is added to the bottom of the wreath.  Make a vintage Valentine's Wreath With the wire stems, the flowers are easy to attach to the grapevine, nestled around the small bow holding the hearts on the wreath.  The final addition was a small string of cream colored pearl beads . The top of the wreath reminds me of a lacy blouse with a string of pearls.  Make a vintage Valentine's Wreath I don’t think I will leave this one outside, but it doesn’t look too badly on my green door.  This is a lovely look for a farmhouse guest room!

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  1. I L♥VE this wreath Chloe! Thank you for the tutorial on making the lace roses. I look forward to trying a few myself. Very romantic!

    Smashing Plates

  2. Very pretty – I love shopping the Christmas clearance aisles for things to use for Valentine’s Day. Love the way you made the little lace flowers too.

  3. I agree that the pearls are a beautiful crowning touch. I’m also looking forward to seeing lots of your pretty wreaths the rest of the year.

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