Update on what is happening at my house!

If you haven’t followed along over in my newsletters, here is an update as to what has been happening in my house! Back at the end of September we had a flood in our house. Not a river or ocean, or hurricane kind of flood, but a toilet filler kind of flood. Who knew that several hours of that leak from that tiny little crack in the toilet tank filler could do this much damage?

Look at this piece and then look under your toilet tanks and see if you have the same kind of thing. Do you see that razor thin little crack? That is the culprit. After checking, all of the other toilet tank fillers in our house are metal. That is what you want! You might want to take a look at yours!

The funniest part of that particular morning was when I walked into the bathroom where the water was flowing like a small creek, I grabbed a towel and put it on the floor! You can imagine, it was totally soaked and had an inch of water on top of it in seconds. It was obvious this was WAY beyond a towel situation!

When we found the flooring we wanted, we bought it as soon as we could! With the current supply chain issues, we were afraid if we didn’t get the flooring right away, it might be months until we could get enough of it. So…my dining room had been a staging area for a few months. Seriously….look at that ORANGE floor! When your floor runs throughout your home, you can’t replace just part of it, ALL of it needed to be replaced.

This was exciting! That wall coming down used to be a bedroom wall! My kitchen will be bigger!

Now…you might wonder why in the middle of all of this we decided to renovate the kitchen. Well…we didn’t want to put in a brand new floor and then sometime next year or the year after go in and put in a new kitchen. Those green walls were in a bedroom. That space is being added to the kitchen and I am finally going to have windows in my kitchen!!!!

There was this angled counter where the kitchen is that we wanted to take out. That meant the kitchen needed to be gutted before we had the new floor put in.

Just in case you didn’t know it, this is how you move a drain from where the sink used to be to where the sink is going to be! I look forward to showing you the progress in the kitchen!

Here is my new floor!!! It is a French white oak engineered wood floor and I could not be happier! I will be sharing more pictures soon! Thanks for hanging out with me!

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  1. Interesting – especially how the drain is moved. Thank you, Chloe! Just think, you’ll enjoy Thanksgiving in your newly renovated kitchen!

  2. Thanks for sharing the toilet tip. This could save lots of people, including me. Love seeing your remodeling. I’m happy to hear that you LOVE your contractors. I’ve never heard that before.

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