My Kitchen is Starting to Come Apart…

Did you read about my flood? Did you ever have a flood in your house? Well…I had a flood. A silly little nylon part that filled a toilet got a tiny little crack in it.

I was all alone in the house one morning (well, no, Lily was here) when I noticed some water on the floor. I thought, oh gee, the hot water heater went. …then I heard the water…I went into the bathroom where the water was leaking. I promptly threw a towel down on the floor at which time at least an inch of water was promptly over top of the towel. I immediately realized this was not a towel kind of water issue. If you have one of these tank fillers, I suggest you replace it with a stainless steel toilet supply line immediately!

I telephoned my husband who was out of town who told me to call one of those companies that deals with huge water problems and a couple of hours later there they were, sucking up the water and setting up umpteen fans and dehumidifiers as they ripped off the baseboards in 2/3 of my house. That floor below isn’t really shiny, it has an inch of water sitting on it. I am not sure why I tucked the curtains up on the windowsill. The water stains on the curtains cannot be cleaned, so new curtains will be coming. Oh, that rug is soaking wet, too.

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This was one week before I was expecting four of my blogging friends from across the country for an elegant halloween dinner party. Water stained curtains kind of went with the creepy Halloween feeling. At least they were good enough friends that I knew they would understand all of the mayhem. The dehumidifiers and fans made their exit the day before they arrived! We lived with blue tape on anything that still showed moisture.

We had planned on a total renovation of our kitchen in a couple of years. We were also planning on updating out laundry room and three bathrooms. There is NO WAY we wanted to have a brand new wood floor put into our house and then do those construction projects, so we went to work!

I have a new larger laundry room and with cupboards that have been moved from my kitchen into the laundry room. I now have all of that space just for storing stemware!! When you take down a kitchen cabinet, you have to do what you have to do to not make the rest of them fall down!

I am not usually a home decor blogger so I didn’t take a lot of “before” photos, but I promise to start taking them right now, so you can see all of the changes taking place!

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  1. A big wow, Chloe! You’ve got your new year cut out for you, that’s for sure. I like how you’ve made lemonade so far with those cabinets for stemware – atta girl! You can be sure I’ll be checking commode here! Wishing you lots of endurance in the coming months. Hang in there. It’ll be beautiful after the beautiful mess.

  2. Your life has certainly been turned upside down with this flood! I hope you get exactly what you want as you restore your home.

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