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White on White Pumpkins

White on White Pumpkins

Get creative this year with these elegant white on white pumpkins.  It is fun to craft some decorated pumpkins!  These are easy to create with artificial pumpkins, hot glue and paint! 

Pulling out some faux pumpkins from last year’s fall decor.  I heated up the glue gun and went to work.  You can add any pattern you want with hot glue.  The smallest pumpkins were easiest with just simple dots.  

A larger pumpkin already had some white paint on it.  Using a pencil, I drew out the pattern I wanted to follow with the hot glue.  

Follow along the pattern you have drawn on the pumpkin.  Sometimes I drew lines with the glue and sometimes I used individual dots as shown above. Make sure you remove all of the little threads of hot glue before you paint your pumpkins.  I first sprayed a hair dryer on mine, which removed a lot of the threads.  Then I used a tiny pair of scissors or a pair of tweezers to remove as many threads as I could.  If you leave threads and then paint your pumpkin, the paint will expose all of the threads.  

While you are adding the glue to the pumpkins, make sure you turn the pumpkins so that the glue does not drip.  When you are happy with the glue, it is time to paint.  Use a flat or satin spray paint made for plastic.  Remember to spray with a couple of light coats rather than trying to cover your pumpkins all at once.  After spray painting the pumpkins, I added gold paint to the stems for contrast.  You could also paint them any contrasting color, like black or blue.  Your decorated pumpkins are ready to display!  Happy fall!

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  1. Delia Kehr says:

    I love this! I am new to your site but am so excited to see and do some of your projects. So much fun!

    1. Welcome Delia! I am SO HAPPY you found me! I have SO many fun ideas for fall I can’t wait to share! Thank you!

  2. Very cute Chloe and a great way to change things up.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Rebecca Payne says:

    I love these pumpkins. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Those look so elegant. I love that idea and it’s easy enough (to copy).

  5. They look amazing friend and I know how hard you worked on them. There are so many possibilities with these and they can be kept up the whole season which I love.

    1. I love these–they aren’t orange (yeah!)

  6. WOW – that’s a BRILLIANT idea Chloe! And white on white may be my favorite color combination of all time! 😉 I can’t wait to try it – thanks for the inspiration and tips!

  7. This works for styrofoam, paper mache’, what other materials? What about stuffed pumpkins, with fabric?

    1. I used this on the artificial pumpkins you can get at Michael’s and a ceramic one from Dollar Tree. I don’t recommend it for styrofoam, because the hot glue will melt the foam. I am not sure about paper mache’. I think fabric ones would not allow the glue to adhere either.

  8. What a great idea, love these! I’ve been wanting to get a cold melt glue gun for ages and this cute fall craft is the perfect excuse to finally buy one. Pinned 🙂

  9. Now, this I can handle! The craft stores have really good sales on artificial pumpkins now and I may have to pick up a few.

  10. Hey Chloe, ohmygosh, I so LOVE these!! when I first saw the pic they looked like they were made of chenille or a woven sweater. what a cute idea! thanks so much for joining in at AAH!

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