How to Make a Luxurious Wreath for Fall

How to Make a Luxurious Wreath for FallLuxurious Fall wreath on a blue door

The beauty of this luxurious wreath is that everything on here can later be taken off the grapevine base and used again next year for something totally different.  After finishing my fall tablescape styled around oak leaves and acorns, I was left with a big bunch of faux leaves.  If you missed it, I would love for you to subscribe to Celebrate & Decorate, so you never miss a post!  Faux oak leaves and fall leaves

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.Grapevine wreathBegin with a big 24″ grapevine wreath.  We want this wreath to be a showstopper for fall, so go big!  Faux fall dogwood leavesBegin with some branches.  These are good size branches.  I first used these on my chandelier for my Apple Tablescape.   These are rather generic, kind of like dogwood leaves just starting to turn color for fall.  Faux fall leaves and grapevine wreathCut the branches leaving just about 8″ of the plain stem.  Bend the branch so that it will wrap around the curve of the wreath. Grapevine wreath with red arrows showing stemsThis is the easy part!  You are simply going to stick the artificial stem of the branches into the grapevine wreath, in between the vines.  Make sure it is secure by tugging on it gently.  I you are making these to sell, you will need to secure the stems more.  You can add a bead of hot glue all along the artificial stem to secure it to the grapevine. Faux fall dogwood leaves on grapevine wreath with red arrowsThis shows you the artificial branch woven down through the grapevine wreath. If you are making this for yourself and you want to be able to reuse the materials again later, but you need to make it more secure, you can use floral wire.Hand showing how to weave faux stems into grapevine wreathHere is a close up of how I wedge the artificial stems into the grapevine wreath.  grapevine wreath with faux fall dogwood branchesTwo branches have been attached.  I will only need to attach two more to have my base foliage on the wreath.  Faux fall wreath of dogwood leaves on grapevine wreath The base is done, now time to add more!  If we want this to be really luxurious, it needs to be REALLY full! Human hand with faux oak leaves

Here is this big pile of oak leaves (and a few maples) that I used for centerpieces for that tablescape on Tuesday.  Most of these had already been cut down to short pieces for the centerpieces.  small branch of faux oak leavesThese are the size pieces I was working with.  If you are using oak leaf bushes, you can cut them apart with wire cutters.  faux fall leaves

Tuck the oak leaf clusters in just like the longer branches.  Space them out all around the wreath, trying to cover the grapevine wreath.  You will add some oak leaves on top of the branches, some inside the wreath, some on the outside.  Grapevine wreath of fall leavesLook at the wreath with a critical eye.  See where I have grapevine wreath exposed.  That will need some more leaves in that spot.fall wreath with faux leavesWhen the wreath got to this point I hung it on a door to finish it.  Fall wreath with faux leaves and faux plumsArtificial plums were added to begin that rich look that a luxury wreath needs.  Lush fall wreath with faux leaves and faux fruits and berriesFall fruit clusters were also added all around to build that richness.  You could add any fruits you want to get the look you are going for.  faux pumpkin with a wire stuck in it

A pair of small rustic artificial pumpkins were skewered onto heavyweight wires so they could be added to the wreath.  Fall wreath with leaves, fruits and pumpkinsInstead of a bow or ribbon, the pair of pumpkins are the focal point of this wreath.  Fall wreath with leaves, fruits and pumpkinsThe wreath is lovely on my front door.  I am looking forward to decorating my entire front porch in a coordinating style.  Make sure you subscribe in the box over on the side so you don’t miss out on the rest of my fall front porch decor!!

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  1. This wreath is truly lush and luxurious, Chloe! I love that you can take it apart and use the florals again for another project. The colors are just gorgeous! It looks striking against your blue front door. Pinned!

  2. Love the fruit and foliage look. Every time you make something I think, that one is my favourite, but then you go and post something new. You’re so talented. I am in awe of people who can do this. My mother could do it but alas, I cannot.

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