10 Ideas for Using Mirrors in Your Home

We are used to seeing mirrors over bathroom sinks and often in a foyer but here are 10 ideas for using mirrors in your home that might inspire you to think beyond the standard vanity mirror.   There are all kinds of ways to use mirrors in your home these days that are a far cry from those old school mirror tiles.  You don’t need to be a narcissist to want mirrors in your home, and mirrors can add some interesting effects to your home, reflecting light, the view out of doors and more!

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Mirrored Bathroom Wall that looks like quilted mirror.

This stunning bathroom wall almost looks quilted, doesn’t it?  I wouldn’t want to have to clean this mirror, however, wait, I really don’t want to clean any mirrors.  I want mirrors, I just don’t want to be the one that has to clean them.

Mirrored closet doors.

These closet doors are wonderful, I could potentially do this to my closet doors in our modern condominium.  The reflection here lightens an area that is not naturally bright.

Mirrored wall

This mirrored wall must be especially stunning when the doors are closed and the mirror is uninterrupted by the opening.

Oversized Round Mirror in a bedroom

An oversized round mirror opposite a bed on a bedroom wall looks like a piece of artwork instead of simply a mirror.

Disguising under stair storage with mirrored paneled doors.

Disguising under staircase storage with mirrored paneled doors is a great way to make the storage space disappear.

Chinese Villa Suite in Siam Bangkok Hotel

Wow, do these tall narrow mirrors make a statement in this bathroom.  The heavy black trim coordinates with the black vanity and the black fixtures.


This is a modern take on artwork, and the light and view reflected is make a pretty focal point on this wall.

Sunburst Art Deco Mirrors behind a banquette

This may be a restaurant, however if you have an art deco styled home, this would be beautiful behind a banquette.

Elegant mirrored walls with wood trim.

These elegant walls of mirrors and wood trim are certainly not your grandmother’s mirrored walls.  Mirrors always add the illusion of space to a room and this bathroom is no exception.

Large three panel wall mirrors with intricate design

This triptych of mirrors reflects the room and adds depth to the wall.  Mirrors are normally found in our bathrooms, and often in our foyers, but here was a collection of all kinds of ways to add mirrors to your home.  I have considered one of those large mirrors that rest on the floor, but with little grandchildren visiting, I would have to have it securely attached to the wall.  Have you used mirrors in somewhere different in your home?

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  1. I’m still picking my jaw up off the floor from the quilted look mirror! Each of these would be a show stopper and my grandson would have a field day if he could get his hands on them.

    1. Hi Missy! Thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately, I wrote this several years ago and the source for the mirrors is unavailable, so I can’t guide you to it. If I can find something similar, I will email you the source for them. Good luck on your search.

  2. I am looking for a 3 x 5 grey tone mercury mirror framed wall hanging for my small dining room. Rectangle/squares secured w/ornamental stud enhances interest. Simple lines to the frame. Can you help me find a site to purchase such mirror?

    1. I would have no idea where to find such a mirror, it sounds like you have something VERY specific in mind. I think you are just going to have to keep searching the internet.

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