14 Fun Ways to Use Flamingo Decor in Your Home

Pink flamingo decor is just fun.  I have rounded up 14 ways to use flamingos in your home.  I don’t know what it is about them that make flamingos so fanciful. Perhaps I have grown so interested in flamingo decor because I am decorating my Florida house, or just because I need some fun color in my life with the drabness of Winter upon us.  No matter why, here comes the what…FLAMINGOS!

14 Ways to Use Flamingos in Your Home

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How special is this adorable pink flamingo punch bowl and ladle? This is perfect for your next summer party!

From Apartment Therapy, this beautiful flamingo fills the wall of a tiny dining room.  I don’t know how I feel about him staring down at me with that one eye, though. 

Go crazy with this funky flamingo coffee table!!

  This beautiful wall looks like a custom painted wall, but it is actually a mural you can put up on any wall.  You can also select a number of colors for the mural.

This beautiful set of flamingo kitchen towels is the perfect gift for your friends who just moved to Florida!

Who said flamingos always need to be pink or even coral?  How about this flock of colorful flamingos greeting guests at your front door?

This beautiful piece of art is available at Society 6.

Flamingo on Canvas

Look at this tiny little flamingo coaster! What an adorable spot to rest your glass!

If you aren’t ready to plaster your walls with flamingos, how about this subtle triptych, a close up of flamingo feathers. 

Again, from Society 6, how sweet is this flamingo pillow wearing a headdress of colorful blooms!

This beautiful decorative flamingo box featuring a mother flamingo and her baby would be a beautiful addition to any spot any in your home.

Summer parties are the perfect time for celebrating with flamingos, and you can’t go wrong with a flamingo pitcher full of refreshing summer cocktails or sweet tea!

A home adorned with flamingos must have a flamingo cock! This is only one of the many flamingo decked clocks you can find at Society 6! This is one of my favorites!

My grandmother collected unique salt and pepper shakers and these remind me of those. This pair would be fun on any tabletop!

Deck out your bathroom for winter with a fun Christmas flamingo shower curtain!

Could adding flamingo decor work in your home?

Fun Ways to Use Flamingos in your home decorating!


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      1. I actually saw a flamingo Christmas ornament and I thought of you the other day. I almost bought it for you because it was in a red truck which reminded me of your red truck post. That was before I even read this post 🙂

  1. Absolutely loved your post! Flamingos are my favorite, and all I have is 3 flamingo Christmas ornaments. Would love to have a few of the things you featured here. Great blog idea!

  2. How fun! I have a small Flamingo collection, but I’d love to add those clever plates to the collection. Thanks for the smiles you brought to my face.

  3. Great ideas. I started flamingos after living in Florida and being told I could not put a hose in for flowers. I brought in truck loads of sand, concrete Flamingos, turtles, frog and lawn chairs. Love it . Was tired of hand watering the flowers.

  4. Oh, I love Flamingos! And I definitely want more of them in my home.

    Though I think I will start with a mug or a necklace, I really like the salt and pepper shakers!

  5. The pink flamingo wallpaper is glorius, gaudy and over the top. I could see a upcycled armoire or chest with chalk painted exterior (maybe pale pink, maybe aqua or even gray) and this surprise inside.

  6. Flamingos make me smile BIG! I’ve managed to keep my collection down to about a dozen items — it would be soooo easy to have hundreds. I actually squealed when I saw ‘my’ salt-n-pepper shakers in your collection lol. I love them!

    1. Thank you Earlette! I only have a couple of figurines, a pair of pillows and a pair of prints on the wall, but I am having a chair reupholstered for my bedroom in the most fun flamingo fabric! I will be sharing a tour of my room when I get it all done!

    1. Barbara, you could get material and cover an old pillow…an have money towards another flamingo thing! I have a flock of in my yard as flamingoes always have a group on, on a website called 3 Florida gals or girls I got a 1940s salt n pepper set plastic. Very vintage,painted and I filled the salt with pink Himalayan salt! Love everybody’s posts on flamingoes and pintrest. Thx.

  7. Fun Chloe, I saw a large metal pink flamingo the other day that I almost bought, to put near the entry of our beach house, it was so cute…now you’ve got me thinking I should go back and get it!!

  8. I am also a flamingo lover! They are in every room of my house and outside too! I love those that love flamingos too! I have a beautiful vintage flamingo mirror that I found at a junk store..absolutely love them!

  9. I have been in love with Flamingoes for as long as I can remember. I lived in Florida and the Florida Keys for most of my adult life and love the tropics. I have Several Flamingo paintings, dishes, clock, pillows, towels, and a large back tattoo! I would love to have the mural for my Bathroom! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  10. Hi thank you for this post. My husband and I have decorated our Miami condo with flamingos, flip flops and palm trees. Because of your post I just purchased dishes from Macy’s with flamingos. There is just no stopping our collection of flamingos; statues made from many different medias, artwork, lighting and now dishes and a tray. I have been in love with flamingos since we moved to Florida and thank goodness my hubby shares in my mania.

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