What’s Been Happening at My House

I am so excited about what’s been happening at my house.   When you sell almost all of your furniture with a house, you really do feel like you are starting over.  The sofa we sold with our condominium had been with us for twenty years or so.  It was time for a change, even if it was in good shape.  So…onto all that has been happening at my house!

A Coastal Cottage Takes Shape

Foyer makeoverThis piece in our foyer had been in storage so long that when the movers brought in the glass shelf, I asked what it was for!  I wasn’t sure this piece that had lived in our neo-classical styled dining room was going to work in this coastal/nautical decor.  My husband pointed out that the silver and gold, with the little stars on the cabinet front looked rather nautical. It was a keeper!  The faux leather top had been damaged, so we thought we try painting it…not really a good look.  Alas, a stone top has been ordered and I can’t wait for the change!Artwork for the foyer

The table in my old foyer held an animal print box that held the mail and keys, but that wasn’t going to work in the new decor.  I thought I would paint the old box, but when I spotted this navy blue one with the silver trim at Home Goods, I was sold!  The lanterns and faux candles came from Pottery Barn.  I found this great piece of art for the wall, it is being framed as we speak.  To make sure it was right for that location, I very carefully added binder clips to it and hung it on the wall from a couple of Command hooks.  It is great to try out something before committing to the expense of the frame.

New light fixture for the foyerHere is the new light fixture for the foyer.  The old one was so sad, and for some reason was hanging about two feet from the front door!  I am thrilled with this one from Restoration Hardware.  Before light fixtureIt was odd, that it was so close to the door.  The next step here will be to enhance the ceiling around our new fixture, I just haven’t decided if I want beadboard, or ship lap or something else.  Fall of this year will be when I bring in a carpenter to change out the woodwork and trim.  I assure you the trim around this front door is going to be changed!  Is it a desk or a sofa tableThis desk was tucked in our studio apartment out back, but it is so large it was not going to work well as we turn that into an office/guest room.  A smaller desk will be in order, but looking at it, I thought it might be perfect to place behind the one sofa.  This now works like a sofa table for those sitting on the sofa to set a beverage on, and it also serves as the place where I pull a chair up and work at my computer (like right now)!  For now I am using one of the chairs from the dining room, but I have ordered a plain Parson’s chair from Ballard Design along with several fabric samples to consider for a slipcover. A potential console tableA trip to At Home last weekend was when I spied these two bookcases.  Together these were the perfect size for the console table behind the other sofa.  It isn’t perfect and needs some of my hubby’s skills to make this fit.  We are going to trim the feet off of these two cases so that they sit right down on the carpet, which will make them the correct height behind the sofa.  Then the tops will be trimmed where the two cases meet and they will be attached to one another so that they appear to be one piece of furniture.  The best part?  MORE STORAGE!  I have a lot of books that will find a home behind these glass doors!  The glass lamp with the burlap shade was a $40 find at Home Goods.  Adding a live plant to my living spaceI am a big believer in having green plants in your living space.  Live plants are always my first choice, but I really don’t have a green thumb, so sometimes I have to go with artificial.  Last weekend I brought home this fishtail palm and picked up the blue pot to give it some more height.  Fingers crossed I can keep this alive!  So much is happening so quickly now that my daughter and two granddaughters will be arriving for an 8 week visit. My dining room is getting there!I am still crazy in love with the color on the walls in my dining room.  How about this table?  I had kept a cloth on it, but removed it in the hope that my new table will be delivered any day now.  The chairs are from Ballard Design.  Dining room chairsI already had these two “twig” chairs, but they had black covers on the seat cushions.  I chose this fabric to coordinate with the dining room chairs, thinking that if we were to have six for dinner, we could add the two arm chairs.  I was very disappointed in the job the upholster did, do you see how the fabric bunches where the arm and front legs connect?  I haven’t decided what to do about this yet.  Alas.. that is how home projects go, there are some big wins, but occasionally a few losses. I look forward to sharing all of the changes that are coming about!  What is new at your house?

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  1. It looks like you are making progress Chloe! Don’t you just love Home Goods. I have to stay out of there because if I buy anything that means I need to get rid of something. I’m in love with your new foyer light!

  2. You’ve been quite busy and everything is coming together beautifully. Love those bookcases! When you mentioned more room for storage I immediately thought of room to store more dishes, silly me!

  3. oh wow Chloe, that is amazing!!! I sometimes feel like starting all over fresh!!!!! It’s weird how our taste changes over the years!! Your house look super great! Christine from Little Brags

  4. You’ve been busy, Chloe! Everything looks great! I actually like the legs on your two cabinets. Before going to all the work to remove them, have you considered new sofa legs ? They just screw in and out. Or just paint the back of the cabinets? The difference in heights looks fine to me …. but you’re the one that will be looking at them every day! 😀 Thanks for sharing!

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