A Grand and Glittery Academy Awards Party

I got together friends to watch The Golden Globes.  I think I enjoyed it much more than the Oscars, since I have rarely seen even most of the movies covered by the Academy Awards.  With the Golden Globes, there are some awards for television and some shows I might have seen.  Black and gold were obvious choices, whether for the Golden Globes or the Academy awards.  I tried to incorporate as much in black and gold as possible.

Academy Awards Party Tablescape

I used a shimmery gold tablecloth with a black glittery piece of fabric to cover boxes of different levels for displaying food offerings and movie props.  Classic movie star photos in black and white were displayed in black and gold Art Deco inspired frames.  Guest were offered shimmery gold rimmed plates for their food.

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I prepared easy-to-eat finger food like these Honey-Ginger-Chicken-Skewers so that guests could move around the room and gather in front of the television for the main event. 

Honey-Ginger-Chicken-skewers served in a film can for an Academy Awards Party

Skewers of appetizers like these Caprese Skewers were displayed in film cans to carry through the movie theme.  To dress up the skewers, I used hot glue to attach gold and black pom poms to the ends of the skewers.  Other appetizer offering included a cheese display and a flavored popcorn bar. 


 Other appetizer offering included a cheese display and a flavored popcorn bar.


 Desserts were also given a touch of gold using Wilton Color Mist spray.  To keep things simple, I served up store bought meringues and box mix brownies.  Adding the gold to what would have looked like simple desserts gave them a luxurious look.

Amazing-Gold-Dusted- Merenges

You don’t necessarily have to have entertainment for an Academy Awards Party since the television show will be the main entertainment, but if you want to have fun and get your guests involved, I would bring out the bingo cards!  I have created this fun Academy Awards bingo game with FREE printable bingo cards!     Just click on that link and you can be on your way to Academy Awards bingo.  I hope you are inspired to gather some friends or family and have fun watching the Oscars coming up on March 10th!

Academy Awards Bingo Printable

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  1. What a fun party, I’ve always wanted to do something like this but why oh why are the Oscars always on Sunday? Your bingo game is hilarious, and thanks for the cute cute printable!!

  2. Those skewers are calling my name! I’ve had an awards party on my to-do list and I need to get in gear and get it done. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun and yummy too! A nice evening out with friends. I’m going to remember using the gold mist, clever and easy! Where did you get the movie camera centerpiece?

    1. Thank you so much Debbee! It was great fun, much more than sitting watching an awards show alone, dishing on all of the stars! I have had that movie camera centerpiece for ages, I am guessing it was, maybe from Tuesday Morning, but that doesn’t seem right, because I rarely shop there. Sorry, I can’t remember!

  4. Chloe,
    I have a Pinterest board that is dedicated to entertaining, pinning away today! Love the idea of the film containers as serving pieces too!

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