A Life in Celebration

A Life in Celebration

My week: 

 I live a life in celebration – in Celebration, Florida.  This is a charming community that was developed by the Walt Disney Company.  In 1996 the first residents moved into Celebration, so we all came from someplace else.  

My life in Celebration is shared with a life in Lakewood, Ohio.  The homes are as different from one another as can be.  You can take a look at my Lakewood home at My Modern Home Tour.

A cottage home in Celebration, florida
One of the many cottage homes in Celebration, Florida.

The high rise in the circle is where I live when I am up in Ohio.  I captured this photo when I flew into Cleveland last week.  It was a sunny and snow-free day! 

When I decided to call this column “a life in celebration” I wasn’t just referring to my community.  Waking every single day with a grateful heart is one way I live in celebration of all my blessings. 

It has been a week of travel again for me, up to Cleveland and back to Florida.  What were you up to this week?  I love hearing from all of you, leave me a few words! 

I was happy to host a Valentine’s Tablescape blog hop last week,  if you missed it, you can see all of these great tablescapes at Will You Be My Valentine Tablescape.

Spotted on Instagram this week:

Show some love to these Instagram accounts and see what they are sharing.  Are you on Instagram?  Drop your handle in the comments below so I can take a look at your feed!  You might be just the account I have been looking for!

Check out @bonniechasedesigns for more of this loveliness!

…and for a little more pretty softness for Valentine’s week…@myfamilythyme

Now…go live your life in celebration….



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  1. Living in a town called Celebration, created by Disney no less, has to be like living in a Hallmark movie! How often do you go to Ohio? I have 2 homes also, different as night and day, and am so grateful to be able to make the easy 4 hour drive whenever I feel like it…however this week I have been wishing I had my hands on all the cute Valentine stuff I have at the beach house as I decorate for Valentine’s Day!!

    1. Alas, Jenna, it is not magical, but it is pretty. My husband and I try not to go longer than a week apart, so if he has to be up in Ohio for longer than than, I will fly up to spend some time up there. I probably spend three or five days up there every other month or so. Now, what you are wishing for at one house, when it is at another I can REALLY relate to! I try to keep my tablescape stuff in one home, but there is always something at one home I wish I had at another!

  2. I loved what you shared today, especially that first paragraph. A great reminder for us all to live a life of celebration.

    1. Thank you Cindy. I think Florida is my favorite because it is “home”. Ohio seems like just a place to stay for a few days now and then. I do Love the view from our 11th floor condominium in Ohio, though! At night downtown Cleveland sparkles!

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