How to Bring a Bit of Spring Indoors

This is the time of year we are longing for the pussy willows and the forsythia to start to bud.  Today I will show you how to bring a bit of spring indoors to brighten up your home.  It is easy to pretend you have dug up a spade of your garden and brought it indoors!

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Bring a Spring Garden Indoors

Bring a Spring Garden Indoors


  1. Select a terracotta saucer in whatever size you would like your mini-indoor garden to be. Turn it over and put protective feet on the bottom so it won't scratch any surface you put it on.
  2. Turn you saucer over and fill the base with dry floral foam or styrofoam. Secure it with floral tape.
  3. Take a piece of moss mat and cut it the approximate size of the saucer. This mat material can come with paper on the back to make it adhesive, peel that paper off of your moss mat.
  4. Situate the moss mat over your styrofoam and begin to secure it to the foam base.
  5. Use greening pins to secure the moss to the foam base.
  6. Tuck the edges of the moss into the edges of the saucer.
  7. Get a selection of faux flowering branches. Think, cherry blossoms, pussy willow and forsythia. Anything that is an early spring bloomer.
  8. Cut apart the faux branches into the sizes that will work in your little piece of garden.
  9. Start sticking your branches through the moss and secure it into the foam.
  10. Once you have your blooming branches added, you will want to begin adding some other early spring blooms. Keep each kind of blossom in its own little spot, as each the bulbs for those flowers are right beneath the blooms. I added a cluster of daffodils first.
  11. Consider a cluster of small iris for a pop of purple!
  12. I wish I had been able to find more of these sweet little pansies!
  13. Add some greenery! The weeds might be coming up early in your garden, too!
  14. Bend and cut a piece of 21 weight wire as shown.
  15. Put that "U" shaped wire through a small bird nest.
  16. Using the wire to secure the bird nest, stick it into the foam and add a sweet little springy bird.

You will now have a little bit of spring right indoors!



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  1. Beautiful Chloe! Yes, please let’s have a little Spring, it’s been raining for days in Alabama!! Daffodils are blooming though, so Spring must be on the way

  2. Of all the things I miss in Florida, it’s spring flowers. How pretty Chloe,
    If you don’t have a bird’s nest, a miniature bench would be cute. If someone doesn’t have felt pads, a circle of felt on the bottom will work.
    I keep getting error notices if this is posted twice.

    1. Thank you so much Annie, I have had a few issues with the blog as of late, which might be why it is giving you the error message. Thank you for taking the time to let me know. Yes, I miss spring flowers, especially my patch of lily of the valley and hostas!

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