Will You Be My Valentine Tablescape

Will You be My Valentine Tablescape

and a Valentine’s Tablescape Hop!

Valentine Tablescape announcement

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 Sometimes I wonder where I am going to come up something unique for a holiday table.  This year the answer was to get out of my home and go shopping.Vases of pink roses on a tabletop

The inspiration:

A plate stack with a gold metal envelope on it

I found these gold metal envelopes at Hobby Lobby.  These immediately brought up memories of childhood valentines, tucked into those little paper envelopes. Galvanized metal envelope

I was lucky to buy the last four of these at my Hobby Lobby.  If you can’t find these, you could get these galvanized ones from Amazon.  They are a little larger than mine, but would work the same way.  These can be painted any color, including a pretty pastel pink! A place setting for Valentine's day with a gold envelope on the plates with a pink heart note in it

I thought I would just tuck a pink heart note in each of the envelopes but decided they needed more.  I wrote a personal note in each of the envelopes, including mine, about what I love about that person.  Valentine plate stack with a gold envelope filled with pink roses

As I proceeded with my Valentine tablescape, I realized, that in addition to the notes, each envelope needed a beautiful little bouquet.  The envelope and the flowers were gifted to each guest to take home.

The plate stack:

Close up photo of the edge of the plates from my plate stack.This close up shows the different textures and colors of my plate stack.

Floral plate, gold plates, white charger plates, gold charger plates and pink napkins

My stack is pretty simple, but involved tiny peeks of each layer.  Embellished white chargers topped simple gold chargers.  Those were topped with gold dinner plates, further topped with pink floral dinner plates.

The stemware:

Delicate stemware with pink roses in vases behind them.Stemware is Bohemian crystal that my husband bought before we were even married!  I rarely use this, but I love the delicate pattern on it!

The napkins:

Two toned pink napkins tied with a pink ribbon and pink roses.

The darker ruffled napkin is from Pier One.  The outer pink napkins are ones I have had on hand for years!

Two pink napkins tied with a pink ribbon.A pair of pink napkins of different shades of pin were tied with a small pink ribbon.  This kind of reminds me of Steel Magnolias where the bride’s colors were “blush and bashful”!  Did you know I once played Truvy in Steel Magnolias on stage?

The results:

Vases of pink roses on a table along with a pretty valentine's place setting on a valentine tablescape

Grocery store roses in shades of pink pulled together my romantic Valentine tablescape.  I gathered a few blooms in small vases to scatter down the middle of the table.  The  West Elm flatware is brushed gold.  Sadly they don’t carry this style any longer.  Valentine tablescape featuring pink roses

Inviting loved ones to sit at a pretty Valentine tablescape is a wonderful way to celebrate a special day!

Now, it’s time for some more Valentine table inspiration!

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  1. Chloe, I love your gold metal envelopes, perfect for filling with a sweet note and flowers for Valentine’s Day! Your pink floral plates are so pretty framed with your layers of gold and white. Your Bohemian crystal stems are so delicate and perfectly paired with your bouquets with the sweet Baby’s Breath. Thank you so much for your organizing efforts for this hop. As always it’s a treat to join you at the table. I hope your Valentine’s Day is extra sweet. ♥

    1. Thank you so much Mary. This hop was a bit of a challenge, but I promise to make next one start out a little smoother! I am alwasy please to stop by Home is Where the Boat is!

  2. The live flowers stole my heart from the moment I saw them. They really set the mood. Your gorgeous delicate pattern stemware is perfect for this sweet Valentine table. Those gold metal envelopes were a nice find! I do not recall seeing them and I thought I was going to Hobby Lobby a lot!
    Thank you so much for organizing this event, one of my favorites. It is always such fun touring the homes of these talented ladies to pretend to sit at all of the beautifully set tables for every occasion. I am certain you were an excellent Truvy! How fun!

    1. Thank you so much Shirley! I was pleasantly surprised to discover those envelopes, and even happier to have that spark of an idea to use them! Oh, Truvy required an awful lot of additional hair piled on my head!!

  3. Chloe, what a beautiful takeaway and presentation on your table! I l am all about expressing feelings in writing and with a meal, and this strikes a chord with me. We are all so seemingly hurried, I think feeding loved ones with food and praise are two of the best gestures to express our feelings for them. Thank you so much for always sparking inspiration at the table, and in organizing these creative events on your blog. Happy February!

  4. Ok, you had me at “blush and bashful!” My very favorite movie. I quote it all the time!

    The table is lovely! You always come up with something unique and the envelopes are perfect for Valentines.

  5. Chloe, I love your table! The flowers are gorgeous! Individual bouquets clustered together make a dramatic statement! The babies breath adds a delicate softness and elegance!
    I agree with Shirley, I thought I went to Hobby Lobby a lot and I missed those envelopes!
    And the calico pastel plates are lovely as is the entire plate stack. Pinning for sure!
    Thanks again, Chloe for organizing the hops.

  6. Oh la la, so pretty Chloe! The gold envelopes were the perfect inspiration!! I LOVE love all the pretty little bouquets and soft pastels! The individual notes are a very special touch ❤️ Thank you for making this happen and keeping us all challenged to create something wonderful!!

  7. Chloe! This is such a darling table! Your friends had to be delighted! Then to have those sweet envelopes and flowers gifted to them… how sweet!

    And you are an actress as well?! How wonderful!

    Have a beautiful week!


  8. Chloe,
    Love this table layered with pretty flowers and pink. The envelopes are a pretty find from Hobby Lobby. Adding a personal message is a thoughtful touch.

    You did romance proud. Enjoy your day!


  9. Chloe, all the flowers feels like you are in a lovely garden. Breathtaking!! The little metal envelops are precious. What a sweet idea to write a note to guests and giving them a bouquet to take home is so nice. Love the flower plates. You should use the glassware more often because it’s so pretty. Thank you for hosting sweet friend.

    1. Thank you so much Carol. I have begun using that stemware more often! You know, what have I been saving it for? Those envelopes were my inspiration! If you were closer, you would receive one of those valentines my dear friend and sister!

  10. knock me over with a feather! Your table is divine and filled with sweet ways to say a love of friends. The envelope with the card and flowers is a lovely way to say thank you for your friendship too. Your tables filled with flowers most have smelled amazing.Thank you my friend, for inviting me to hop along. Pinned, Happy Valentines Day xox

  11. I love the envelope and love notes that you have used at your beautiful table. The delicate floral plates are the perfect back drops for the beautiful roses and babies breath you have tucked into the envelopes. It all makes for a wonderful, dreamy, romantic setting!! I hope you have a very special Valentine’s Day

  12. Wow Chloe what a romantic and inspirational table! Love the little bouquets of roses and those pink floral plates! What a neat idea getting those metal envelopes and spraying them gold. Love the little bouquets stuffed in them and the personal note you attached. Love the bohemian crystal and the gold flatware! Your table makes quite an impact!

  13. Chloe, the gold envelopes with the small bouquet of flowers is a fabulous idea. The sweet floral plates are perfect for a Valentine’s table. I love seeing all the small roses and baby’s breath arrangements as a centerpiece, it is very romantic and airy! Thank you for organizing us for this one day hop, I so appreciate all you do to build a community of like-minded bloggers. Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

  14. What a gorgeous table, Chloe! Those envelopes are such a cute idea and I am loving the soft colors. Thanks again for hosting this wonderful blog hop! I am looking forward to seeing all the beautiful tables!

  15. Chloe, if a tablescape could make one fall in love, your table is it. I absolutely love the gold and pink, the delicate stemware, baby breath and fresh roses. Totally, in love! You definitely captured “romance”. The gold envelope is perfect for your intimate setting. The fresh bouquets for guests is such a lovely gesture. They must be thrilled to be given so much love. The ruffled napkins is such a lovely touch. Beautiful for any time of the year and especially the tops for Valentine’s Day.

  16. Good Morning Chloe,
    I have been waiting for this Valentine Blog Hop! I adore your tablescape. So fresh, sweet, nostalgic and it’s brimming with flowers too! Love the sweet bouquets and ribbons. Your plates are just precious!

  17. Chloe, you had a “career” on stage and I never knew it! What fun to play that part. SM is one of my all time favorites. Love, love, love those gold envelope favors at each place setting! I’m gonna be near HL tomorrow and will have to cross my fingers and toes they have more. What a sweet addition to your table and thoughtful gift for guests. Thanks for hosting — it’s such a great group to be a part of.

  18. I’m swooning over the metal envelopes and the pink floral dinner plates, Your tablescape is so girly and inviting and I can’t imagine a time when your creative juices aren’t flowing. I’m looking forward to another exciting year of beautiful and inspirational tables. Thanks for bringing us together again♥

  19. Chloe, Everything does look so elegant. I love the envelopes and the baby’s breath on the carnations is just sweet. Great table! Thanks again for hosting this awesome hop.

  20. How special this table is. Love your chosen theme. Sometimes we have to venture out to get inspired. The gold envelopes are so fun and perfect for Valentine’s. Filling them with florals, bay’s breath and a sweet card Is such a darling idea. Lots of florals surrounding the table fills us with romance. The plate stack is lovely, each layer peeking out to show a little of it’s charm. Truly a pleasure to see your creativity as it’s best. Thank you again for organizing this fun filled tablescape blog hop.

  21. Chloe, your beautiful tablescape is everything that a Valentine tablescape should be! I love the roses, floral plates, and those darling gold envelopes! Thanks again for hosting! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  22. How can I forget blush and bashful – one of my fav movies! Your table is very pretty with those pinks, and the special touches like the double napkins and roses tucked into a gold metal envelope.
    Happy Valentines Day!

  23. Hi, just a comment from an accidental reader. I am a follower of Caroles From my Carolina Home and found out about the tablescape blog fest from her. Your idea of having all the blog posts on the same day is marvelous, I’ve been able to read each and every one. That wouldn’t have happened if they were posted on different days.
    All your blogger participates are so creative and talented, all in their own unique way and I enjoyed all the Valentine loveliness. Thanks so much for hosting this.

  24. Hi Miss Chloe, I’m putting together a Valentine’s Tablescape post, and would love to use this link as a romantic table example.

    Please let me know if you are ok with me linking to you.


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