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Tea Time on a Tray

Are you ready for some afternoon tea? Tea drinkers unite! Get out your tea cups and tea pots and settle in for some wonderful tea time inspiration! Katherine from Katherine’s Corner has gathered 20 bloggers who have each assembled our own interpretation of tea time on a tray. No matter if you are an afternoon tea person, or ready to host high tea for your favorite tea drinkers, I am sure you will find some inspiration here and on all of the other blogs listed at the bottom of this post!

Here is a peek at all of this inspiration awaiting you at the blogs listed at the end of this post!

White tea tray with yellow napkins.  A green fern, a white teapot and snow white teacup with a snow white figurine and a small vase of white roses along with a white heart shaped plate with heart shaped apple pies on it.

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I was not sure how I would go about styling my tea service. I am not a tea drinker, I was kind of at a loss. Where to start? Green tea? Black Teas? Tea bags? Loose leaf tea? Earl Grey? Herbal teas? Many times I find that if I go shopping I get some great inspiration. I headed for a walk into downtown Celebration to browse the shops on Market Street. I thought maybe I would find some pretty tea ware.

Darn, I didn’t come across one single tea cup or teapot! BUT!! I discovered just what I needed! The perfect thing came into view and set my mind spinning! Snow White Tea!!

A can of Snow White tea.  Princess Blend apple flavored white tea by Harney and Sons

I may not know much (or anything) about tea, but I know plenty about Disney Princesses! There it was on the shelf, Disney Princess Blend Snow White tea! Actually, I am going to try it, Apple Flavored White Tea! I keep trying tea, maybe this will be the one that gets me!

My Tea Tray:

A pretty tea tray with a snow white theme.

For an opportunity to enjoy a peaceful moment and a beautiful tea for one, take a tray and set it up just for yourself! Keeping with my Snow White theme, I included a shiny apple on my tray and a couple of little friends, a robin on the top of the teapot and a butterfly on some snowy white roses!

A 1960 Snow white figurine and an original 1960 snow white watch along with a tin of Snow White tea

I took a white wooden tray and used yellow napkins to mimic Snow White’s dress. I added a red ribbon to my tray like the ribbon Snow White wears in her hair.

Original Snow White 1960 Disney watch without the yellow leather band

When I was six years old I got my first watch. It was a Snow White watch and came with this Snow White figurine. I brought her out to display on my tea tray. Along with that I got out my watch, or what is left of it! The band was yellow leather and disintegrated years ago! I have never gotten rid of my Snow White and the actual watch though!

A sachet of tea

The Snow White tea comes in little sachets like this one above. They seem like a little gift you are preparing for yourself!

Rae Dunn Snow White coffee mug

Instead of a pretty and delicate teacup and saucer, I found this Rae Dunn Snow White mug. One side has a silhouette of Snow White in pale blue and the other has her name in the familiar Rae Dunn font.

Rae Dunn snow white coffee mug and a 1960 Snow White figurine

So, yes, I styled my tea on a tray around Snow White. This little Snow White figurine will forever now be known as my tea pet! Don’t know about tea pets? They are usually little clay animals that join you for tea! You can read more about them at The Teacup of Life.

Small heart shaped apple pies

I made small heart shaped pies to accompany my tea. The flavor? Why apple of course! No poison apples here! The small size of these little pies make them a perfect accompaniment for your cup of tea. If you are hosting a tea party and want to prepare some tea sandwiches ahead of time, you may want to read about these Easy Make Ahead Tea Sandwiches. Small tea food served up on small plates are a great way to get started hosting a tea party.


If you are interested, Harney and Sons also carries these Disney Teas:
Mickey Mouse – A black tea with Rose hips and Vanilla
Minnie Mouse – Rose scented black tea with caramel
Moana – Tropical Mango green tea
Jasmine – Green tea scented with Jasmine

If you want some special tea for Easter, try this Peter Rabbit selection!

What I learned about tea:

Having known next to nothing about tea, the research I did for this post taught me quite a bit! I learned about tea pets, and about a gongfu tea tray, the correct order for for serving tea and why high quality tea is important.

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Snow White Tea
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Snow White figurine
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Snow White Rae Dunn mug

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  1. Chloe,
    I adore how you styled your Tray around Snow White and how special your pieces are especially the watch!!!
    Such a whimsical tray and you even learned a bit about Tea and shared it with us!! Wonderful!!
    enjoyed “Touring” with you….My post is following yours on the Tour!

  2. Well, this is just the cutest idea! I love Harney and Sons tea. Their flavors are fabulous and the little sachets are so elegant. I love the Disney theme and your special treasures. I’m happy to know about the Disney teas as well. I know a little girl who needs some for her own tea parties. Thanks for the link to the tea time treats. Beautiful presentation ideas. I’ve bookmarked it for a future tea time here. Fun to hop with you, Chloe!

  3. Chloe, I am a Disney fanatic so I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved this tray! I too spend time walking through gift shops and craft stores to find decorating ideas. That being said, I’m not sure that on my best day I could have pulled this all together simply spotting the Snow White tea on a shelf. Brilliant! Thank you for sharing and I’m so glad to be touring with you today!

  4. What fun Chloe and such a perfect theme for you since you live so close to Disneyland! I am not a tea drinker either, but I love the idea of a special time everyday for relaxing with a cup of comfort and a sweet treat! I can’t believe you still have your first watch and the little snow white figure from your childhood, so sweet! I love the Rae Dunn mug too, the Snow White tea was such an inspirational find!

  5. The Snow White theme is totally adorable Chloe. You did a fantastic job of tying everything together. That watch is amazing and thank you for teaching me about tea pets. Who knew? Happy tour. XO- MaryJo

  6. Chloe, I love that you still have your Snow White watch!!! So sweet. I would imagine the tea is very good? Lately, I’ve been having an afternoon cup of tea in my attempts to stop buzzing around all day. Just taking a moment to enjoy a warm beverage is such a gift. Love that you used the colors of Snow’s dress for the tray. You are just so creative. Such fun!

  7. Part of tea drinking are all the pretty containers. Your cute Snow-White tin can be used as a flower container when you are done with the tea bags. Very cute tray!


  8. Chloe, this turned out so adorable! I love the Snow White theme and all your pretty pieces. As always, I enjoy seeing what creative thing you come up with!

  9. You never know when or how inspiration will strike. The perfect tea created a lovely tray featuring a beloved character from Disney. what could be lovelier than Snow White and the birds she talked and sang to in the movie. I loved the Snow White character and the way the yellow napkins create such a spring like setting.

  10. Chloe, what a charmingly whimsical tea tray! For someone without much experience designing tea trays, you’ve styled one perfect for transporting you to a pleasant place (which is what tea time is all about!!).

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