Small apartment dining area with painted doors leaning on the wall for art work

Chloe at Home ~ A Temporary Apartment

We have sold our large home and are working on purchasing a condominium in a high rise building.  Until we purchase, and while the condominium is being rehab-ed we have moved into a little apartment.  The key word there is “little”.  A temporary apartment does not mean I am living with a card table and folding chairs.  To function efficiently, I need to be able to come home to a place that is adequately “put together”.  I need a place where there is a place for everything, and a degree of design and comfort.  We were able to use furnishings from our home to put our place in order.

brown leather contemporary sofa in small space

It is kind of naked and blah, but for six months, I can do it while we purchase and rehab a condominium.  The old family room West Elm sectional has worked out pretty well.

Green orchid plant on side table next to brown woven leather and chrome chair

A green orchid plant that I picked up at a nearby shop makes it feel a little more like home.  The pictures in the background came from our previous home.  They are actually painted hollow core doors from a big box store.  Leaning them up against a wall in the apartment gives us a little are without having to put holes in the wall.

Louis Ghost chair in white with a dream big pillow resting on it in the corner of a bedroom

A reminder for me to continue to “dream big” in the corner of one of the bedrooms.

Office mail cart turned into a bar cart in our little apartment

This office mail cart I bought in the clearance section of an office supply store comes in very hand when you need to haul things down the long hallways and up and down on the elevator.  Where to store it in the meantime?  Turn it inot a bar cart!

Small apartment dining area with painted doors leaning on the wall for art work

Living with the neutral decor is working with the punch of color from our painted hollow core doors.

Brown and white contemporary bedroom in a small apartment

Again, nothing special, but the furnishings we had are working well enough.

 I hope I have shown you what you can do with a small space, make it livable and designed to some degree so that you can feel comfortable having friends and family in to visit.  This is not what I would do for a long-term situation, but for the short term, this will do.  Keep stopping in here at Celebrate and Decorate as I bring you the ongoing condominium search and the rehab process!

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    1. I have become quite the “up-cycler” before the word was even coined! You should always look around and see if there is some way you can reuse something, paint it, wallpaper it, change it in some other way!

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