Chloe’s Inspiration ~ A Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

I received a note from a dear blog reader asking for Peter Rabbit Baby Shower ideas.  I am awash with those ideas because that is the theme I have chosen for my daughter’s upcoming baby shower.  She has selected Peter Rabbit for her nursery and I wanted to carry that through for her shower.

There is a plethora of Peter Rabbit invitations out there to choose from.  This one I found particularly adorable.  Sonny and Co on Etsy created these.

These printable wrappers are a nice addition to dress up you bottled water.  There are lots of options for these on Etsy, also.  These were created by Sassygfx.

I discovered this cake on Sandy’s Sweets’ flickr page.  This is an incredible creation.

This sweet cake from We Design Cakes is probably more realistic for most of us planning a shower.

These cupcakes are little works of art.  You can see the creator on the cupcakes, but I discovered these on the blog; I love how each of these cupcakes features a different Beatrix Potter character.

I am a fan of cookies or candy for favors, and this little box is just adorable.  These are another Etsy find at Favor Box Bakery.

Haute Apple Pie featured this sweet diaper cake along with so very many more creative ideas for a Peter Rabbit – themed baby shower.

I have so many more ideas to share with you as I complete the plans for my Peter Rabbit -themed baby shower, I will share more ideas throughout the week!

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