Christian Lacroix Butterfly Parade

Butterfly Parade TablescapeWhen I was in New York City a couple of weeks ago I had such a fun time styling the table at my son and daughter in law’s home.  It is such a treat to get to dig into someone else’s cupboards and play with their dishes for a change!

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These Christian Lacroix Butterfly Parade dishes are available on Amazon and at fine stores everywhere.

I really love the juxtaposition of these elegant china dishes and fine stemware with the rough wood of the dining table. The table is from Restoration HardwareOne of the truly unique things about this china is that the rim is half gold and half silver.  I chose to use gold flatware and my daughter in law’s gold runner.  Little picks of butterflies flit above the flowers all down the centerpiece.
I selected the flowers I did to coordinate with the colors of the butterflies on the plates.  The blue thistle really picked up the blues in the butterfly patterned dishes.

Extra blue thistles fill a vase on the sideboard in the dining area.

Stemware included platinum base crystal water glasses and pretty Champagne coupes!

Who would not be delighted to sit down to supper at such a lovely table?

For more details and the full tutorial on how I created the table runner centerpiece, check out How to Make a Table Runner Centerpiece.  

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  1. Oh Chloe, you did have fun!! I loved the butterflies when I saw the runner creation a few days ago, but now I see why you wanted to use them!! This is brilliant and gorgeous!!!! Did your DIL just love it??? Beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much Jenna, yes, my daughter in law and my son were both in love with it! Maybe they will fly me up the next time they are going to entertain to style their table! HA!

    1. Thank you so much Kari, I did have fun. Even though you can find anything in NYC, I knew I was on a schedule, so I took some things with me in my suitcase and then gifted them to my daughter in law! I already have plans for some special tables up in Ohio this summer!

  2. That is jaw-droppingly beautiful, Chloe! I ran right back to the runner post and was surprised to find you worked with real flowers! You most always do beautiful faux, and I was about to ask where you found the thistle. There is just something about that flower /weed (depending on who’s opinion you ask) that I find so attractive in such an organic way.
    This table should be in a magazine!!

    1. Thank you so much Rita. Yes, I don’t often splurge on fresh flowers. It is so much easier to find fresh flowers from the huge variety you can find in NYC. Yes, I paid for those “weeds”, but they were the only thing I could find to pick up the blue color. You are so kind!

  3. The dishes are lovely but it’s the centerpiece on this table that is truly magical with the butterflies floating above the flowers. Beautiful!

  4. Oh Chloe, I love your tablescape for Easter. Those butterfly plates are adorable, I love butterflies.
    Beautiful setting and thatflower runner is awesome !
    I posted my Easter table before today’s post.


  5. This takes my breath away how luck are the people that you invite.
    I don’t know how you come up with so many beautiful different ideas all the time
    You must have an extra part of your brain just for creating and design

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