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Unique invitations for parties and events are like a little hint of the what is to come. When I am hosting, I want to set the mood, the style and the feel of the upcoming event. I want the invitation to stimulate anticipation for the actual party.

The invitation for this dinner party is one that could be delivered in person. Consideration of how an invitation will be delivered is always a primary consideration when designing an invitation.

Even if an invitation has to be mailed, it can still be unique, both inside and out! This is a boxed, decorated and addressed invitation ready to be mailed. This was for for an Alice in Wonderland Themed baby shower. You can see the unique invitation by clicking the previous link.

When hosting a dinner party for six, I always contact my guests either by telephone or by meeting them in person to issue the invitation. A dinner party is not something I just send out invitations to, asking for a response.

I found these cute little boxwood topiaries at the Target Dollar Spot at least a year ago. Evidently this is what I was saving them for. Here, I am trying some different size wooden beads to see what would make the right size for little faux oranges.

Invitations for a cocktail party, a bridal or baby shower is totally different than for a dinner party. I had confirmed all of these guests would be attending this dinner party, so these invitations are more like a little reminder.

I poured a little bit of the apricot colored paint in the bottom of a cup.

I dropped several of the little wooden balls into the cup and moved them around with a paint brush so they were each coated with the paint.

I dumped the beads out on a paper plate and then stuck them on wood skewers.

Wood skewers stuck into a piece of styrofoam is an easy way to let the beads dry.

Getting creative with invitations is so much fun for both yourself and for your guests. This was a party my husband and I hosted for his clients. It had been a long time since we had entertained them, so the theme was, “Time for a Party“. This may be a theme you may want to borrow for entertaining now that we can get back to entertaining family and friends!

When my ‘oranges’ were finished, I began attaching them to my little tree with hot glue.

Using PicMonkey, I printed my invitation on green cardstock and cut them in to small squares to attach to my trees.

You can use any program or app to design your own invitations at home. Think outside of the box, or in this case, outside of the envelope!

Planning a party around an exotic location? Consider a travel poster like the one a friend help design for my Sophisticated Safari Party. I love that you can roll up a poster and put it in a mailing tube. Won’t your guests be surprised when they receive this in your mailbox?

Punching a decorative hole in the cardstock and feeding an orange satin ribbon through it is time to finish off my invitation. I tied a simple bow with the satin ribbon after attaching it to the ‘trunk’ of my little orange tree.

Are you wondering why I am sending orange trees as an invitation to a dinner party? You are going to have to come back all week and see what I have planned! I am anxious for you to see what I have planned. The anticipation you may feel is like what my guests might feel as they wait for the Saturday night dinner party!

Would you like receiving an invitation like this? What would you think if you received this creative invitation?

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