Easy diy flower pot succulent wreath

This beautiful diy succulent wreath of terra cotta flower pots looks so wonderful on your door or hung on a wall, indoors or out! I have included all of the step by step instructions right here so you can design and create your own special clay pot wreath! Better yet, this beautiful succulent wreath would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift or a special present to welcome family or friends moving into a new home!

Here are the step-by-step instructions for this diy project so you can make your own unique wreath.

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Gather your supplies:

You should be able to gather all of your supplies from your local craft store. I find that Hobby Lobby has a good selection of faux succulents. I find the mini flower pots at the dollar store.

Using a variety of small terra cotta pots I created this flower pot wreath.  Adding faux succulents and some moss into the pots gave it a completed look. 

Begin with a variety of small terra cotta flower pots.  I ended up using five 3 1/2″ pots, five 2 1/2″ pots,  sixteen 2″ pots and five little 1 1/2″ pots. You can usually find the mini clay pots at Dollar Tree, but do shop around, sometimes they cost less when purchased as a set from other sources.

Age your pots with paint:

Using a variety of small terracotta pots I created this flower pot wreath.  Adding faux succulents and some moss into the pots gave it a completed look. Begin with a variety of small terra cotta flower pots.  I ended up using five 3 1/2″ pots, five 2 1/2″ pots,  sixteen 2″ pots and five little 1 1/2″ pots. Using a dry brush, I added Apple Barrel Antique Parchment Matte Acrylic paint to my pots.

Use a rough bristle chip paintbrush. Dip the brush into the paint and then tap most of the paint off onto a piece of paper before brushing on the pots.  Make sure you paint the bottoms of the pots as they will be seen on your wreath.  

If you feel you have too much paint in one spot, use a dry (without paint on it) chip brush to just brush off the excess. You can also use a paper towel to wipe off any of the excess paint.

Assemble your wreath:

I love the aged look of the small pots against the rustic feel of the grapevine wreath form.

Using a heavy duty jute twine, feed it through the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot.  IF you are going to be displaying your wreath out of doors, you may find using heavy floral wire instead to be a better way to help your wreath withstand time and the weather.

Thread the twine through the grapevine wreath until it sits the way you want on the wreath. 

  Begin by attaching  your largest pots around your wreath.  Add the second largest size of pots next…and so on.

Some of your pots will be upright, some sideways, they will likely have their open tops in different directions.  Arrange them however they look the best to you.  This flower pot wreath is yours, make it look the way YOU want it to look. 

Make sure you use some florist wire to make a hanger on the back of your wreath frame before you start “planting”

Time to add your plants:

I decided to make my own succulent wreath faux plants. You can do the same thing and make a living wreath by using succulent cuttings and succulent plants. (IF you are going to use real succulents, you will want to make sure you are displaying your wreath where it will receive bright light.) Wedge small pieces of floral foam into the pots that you are going to want to put the faux plants in.  Don’t fill every single one with a plant.

This summer wreath hints of the warmer weather to come after a long winter!

Tuck some green sphagnum moss in around the succulents and in some of the empty mini flower pots. I find the dollar store generally carries a the small terra cotta pots.

A flower pot wreath can grace your front door or a garden wall and will be equally beautiful in either location!  This succulent wreath project may take a little bit of time, but will surely be something you will be proud of!

A wreath like this can be made with real plants, but will take quite a bit of tending with proper care in order to keep them alive. I found for my own version, the way to go was with the faux succulents. I am still happy with the end result. The whole wreath will be quite heavy so be aware you will need a strong hanger to display it on a wall or door.

I mixed real and faux succulents in this centerpiece which would coordinate beautifully with this wreath.  Jade plants are another succulent you might want to display.

If you liked this wreath but want an idea for a different “spin” on it, take a look at this Terra Cotta Spring Wreath by Rachel over at The Ponds Farmhouse! It is the same…BUT different! Rachel used pretty flowers instead of succulents in her wreath.

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  1. What a fun way to reuse all the mini pots I’ve collected over the years!! Would love to make one for my garden shed door!! Thank you for the inspiration, Chloe!!

  2. What an amazing wreath. I just love how this would look out on a patio surrounded by a pretty garden. Love the succulents added to the pots and how you aged the pots. Awesome. A beautiful wreath to have for the summer. Love it!

  3. This is such a beautiful wreath! Attaching the pots with the twine is such a great idea. I’ve always wanted to make a similar wreath but didn’t want to glue the pots on. Thanks for that helpful tip!

  4. This is adorable! I am for sure going to have to try it! Also I love the paint color you went with to age your pots!

  5. Wow! I wondered how you attached those pots. It seems like it would be a very heavy wreath. I think it is neat that we both used the same pots in our projects– and I think some of yours are the same sizes as mine!


  6. This is really cute Chloe, but is it really heavy? I would have never thought to look for pots on Amazon, I swear they have everything! Love the faux succulents, they look so real!

    1. Thank Jenna. It is heavy, but hangs fine from my door knocker. All of my Dollar Tree stores were out of the little terra cotta pots, so…next best thing! I love faux succulents, too, because I always kill the live ones!

  7. Hi Chloe

    You just prove that you can defy even gravity. (LOL) That is stunning! I would have never thought of using so many pots for fear that it will be too heavy. You created a beautiful piece.

      1. I know you posted these directions few years ago, but I was wondering if you can tell me the size of the grapevine wreath you used. Beautiful!

  8. Absolutely beautiful!! I’ve been searching for ideas for a new wreath to craft and this is perfect.

    May I ask where you found all of your faux succulents?

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