How to Style a Succulent Tablescape

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When I spotted these plates at Walmart, there was no question they would be coming home with me.  These plates are a work of art!   They may be melamine, but guess what?  They are $2.48 each!! They went down to 25 cents each before they went out of stock. I don’t know if they will get those back in stock, but there are some pricer ones available from Wayfair. Walmart has also returned with these melamine plates.

If quick and simple clean up are your goal, these paper plates featuring succulents might be just the right thing for your event! These come from The Party Connoisseur on Etsy.

Make a centerpiece:

Of course if you are going to style a succulent tablescape, you have to have a succulent centerpiece.  I am gifting this to a friend, so I purchased this new footed bowl.  My succulents were purchased local, but only because I couldn’t get these delivered to Florida.  If you live outside of Florida, you might want to have these delivered right to your door!  Assorted selection of succulents!  

Do you know that expression about your eyes being bigger than your stomach?  Well, my eyes for succulents were bigger than the space I had to plant them.  I did fudge a little by adding a couple of faux succulents like that purple one to add the color I wanted in the the planter.

It was easy to plant the succulents in the planter.  This will make a lovely gift that will continue to grow.

Set the table:

Beautiful succulent dinner plates set the scene for a succulent themed tablescape

This is a perfect time of year to find a cooler evening after the rain to have dinner on the porch.  I would be pleased to invite friends to dine at this pretty table. I do think it lends itself to a luncheon, don’t you? With so many cute little succulents available, they make a nice little favor for guests to take home, too!