What Does Your Dream House Look Like?

Dream House

Do you have a dream house you fantasize about?  I’m not thinking of that outlandish dream house you could buy if you won the lottery, I am thinking about the one you can afford if you work hard and spend wisely and take your time decorating.  One you day dream about living in, furnishing and styling?  Maybe you live in your dream house!  The house my hubby and I bought a little over two years ago is sort of that house.Coastal style home

We didn’t build the house we live in, and it is not yet my “Dream House”, but I am confident it will end up that way!  It would have been nice to have built exactly what we wanted, but location was more important to us than anything and there were no more buildable lots in our community.  We can take a short walk to our “downtown” and dine at ten different restaurants.  We are also only 20 minutes from a major airport which is important for my husband’s work.

Kitchen with French Doors

One of the things I really want is windows in my kitchen.  I have no windows in my kitchen.  Do you have windows in your kitchen?  It would be so lovely to fling open the doors like this and stroll right out to my front porch.  My husband and I have figured out a way to alter our kitchen so that I can have windows . I will be able to not just have windows, but also French doors that will open onto my front porch!

Beautiful white kitchen with island

Oh yeah!  I have to have an island!  An island and windows, I know those two things for sure!

Gray and white kitchen.

The thing is, I don’t even know what color kitchen I want.  Do I want an all white kitchen?   Maybe I want gray lower cabinets like this.  It is just fine with me that the budget isn’t there right now, because I still have a lot of decisions to make!

Small plunge pool

Then there is the pool!  I live in central Florida, I could potentially be in my pool 365 days of the year.  I have plenty of community pools, I don’t need a pool for swimming, I just need a little spot for cooling off!Small custom pools


Cooling off and socializing in and around a pool is part of that dream…AND a waterfall!  I really want a waterfall!

Small mudroom

Lastly (for now, anyway), I want a little back entry.  Something like a small mudroom so there is a landing space when you come in.  Someplace to keep the keys and umbrellas.  Currently our back door is part of a pair of French doors that open right into our tavern room.  My southern porch

Am I dreaming of a lot of things in this “dream house” of mine?  I am, but I am very patient and can add and change things over time.  To me the planning is almost as enjoyable as the doing!  In the meantime, I LOVE my house!  I have room for both of my married children and their spouses to come and stay and another bedroom just for my grandchildren.  I have a big table to seat us all for holiday meals.  My parents live in the apartment above our garage, so I know they are close by should they need me, or if I would need them!  I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream about that house in my head with everything just the way I want it!  Stay tuned, keep reading here at Celebrate & Decorate and see how my house changes over the years, and perhaps how my dreams and plans change too!  In the meantime, you will find me on the front porch!

So, what does your dream house look like?

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  1. We all have dreams Chloe…and I love your ideas for your beautiful home. I, too have dreams…I always have a list of ever-changing ideas of what I would like when time and budget allow.

    The good news is that a few of those dreams have changed as I have settled into our home. For example: we have a front courtyard that is home to a pool, spa and waterfall and the ambiance of a 10 foot adobe wall makes one feel they are in their own private oasis. Over the almost 7 years we have been here, we have debated adding a screen over the top of it all…will a screen spoil the ambiance? Will the screen make us just like every other Florida home? Is it worth keeping the flying insects at bay or….and then finally, the debate is over and the Captain and I made a decision to add the screen.

    Is it the right decision? we won’t know until it is in place and we have “lived” with it a while. We have to be careful what we dream for. We might just get it! 🙂

    Love your post…and pics of your home and welcoming porch.

    1. Oh Kari you are so right, our concept of our dream home does change as we age and our families grow. I know exactly what your debate has been with yourselves over the screen over your pool. I know it does change the look and ambiance, but these darn bugs in Florida, especially the mosquitos do put a damper on enjoying your outdoor space. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts!

  2. Beautiful architecture on your home! You have a lovely veranda! My dream house would have a different floor plan. Our home is over 50 years old, and was originally a summer home, built to take advantage of the view. But the kitchen is tiny without any way to expand it. But we have spent a number of years slowly changing and updating, painting walls, replacing light fixtures, and replacing hideous wrought iron railings. It isn’t my dream home, but I do live in my dream area with a view and acres of forest surrounding us.

    1. Thank you. Our home is not custom, but we are happy with it. Your view sounds amazing! It is difficult for any of us to combine location, budget and dreams together. I think what keeps so much of us going is tweaking our homes toward our dreams. Thank you for sharing a little bit of your dream house story!

  3. All these dream homes are so dreamy . Love them . But I must say that though I would make changes with my home which is about 23-24 years old and paid for, I still love my home . Simple but home . I’ve learned that dreaming is wonderful as I have many , but contentment is a true peace of the heart . Loved looking st all these dream homes. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Chloe, I dream of a southern home with a veranda and a gazebo, but mostly, I dream of having a full time gardener to do all of this yard work. With all of the rain in Central FL, grass and weeds are growing overnight. My daughter once told a vacationer “My mom calls this place Bug of the Month Club”

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, Myrna! I love to hear from my readers! I do love my wrap around front porch! It would be wonderful to have a big garden AND the gardener to go with it! I am here in central Florida, too, and I know what you mean about the weeds! I am still learning how to garden here in Florida~ .

  5. Oh your dream house sounds wonderful! I would love to build my own house one day and make it look like a French country style decor and so many other things! The list is so long!

  6. Chloe, your inspiration photos are lovely and your porch and your wish list are dreamy. We moved into our home about 15 years ago, a 1920’s beach cottage, that needed a total renovation. We started with the windows in the kitchen…we had one tiny one and that would not do…and moved on from there. I love the house from top to bottom, but the dream would be to have it on the ocean. Ha!! I think I’ll be waiting for a jackpot winning for that one. 😉

  7. I hope you can get your dream kitchen with French doors to the porch. A kitchen needs natural light. My dream home would include tall sycamore trees, willow trees, lots of hydrangeas and secret gardens. I guess that’s landscaping but I think of my dream home in this way. Dorothy Rodgers wrote a book years ago called “The House in My Head”. I have read that book so many times. One thing she had incorporated was a drying yard. I would have a large laundry room with my sewing things, a large craft/folding/sorting table and access to the outdoors to peg out laundry. If we are to dream big, I would want his and hers bathrooms. When my husband was a home inspector, he inspected a house that had this feature. The “hers” bathroom was wonderful. In the kitchen would be different work stations; coffee, baking, salad and veg prep. Another beautiful home hubs inspected had refrigerated drawers and some freezer drawers built into the cabinets. After all the natural disasters, I am simply grateful for my mid-50’s ranch. But we can still dream, right? P.S. It would also have a beautiful wrap around porch like yours.

  8. OMG…you’re living in my dream house. I will never be able to buy a home or even live in something like this but I am so happy thay you are able to make this home your dream home.

  9. My dream home has cathedral ceilings in the front entry way. Each bedroom would have it’s own private bathroom and balcony, deck, or patio. There would also be a common bathroom or half bath for guests. If it was a one story home (not counting the basement), all rooms (including the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and laundry room) on the main floor would have cathedral ceilings. Ideally, I would have an amazing view of a body of water, such as a pond, lake, river, or ocean, and I would be able to walk out right out into my yard, and be able to get right into the water, without having to walk too far.

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