How to Choose a Dining Table

I am so excited that furniture is showing up at my house!  There was an awful lot of thought that went into how to choose a dining table for the new place.  The first table I needed is a table for our tavern room.  This will be where the family gathers to share meals.How to choose a dining tableSize is perhaps the most important consideration.  The space you have and the number of people you need to be able to seat at the table are to be considered.  I have a large room, a little over 13′ long.  Most of the time it is only my hubby and I at home, but sometimes my parents are here for dinner.  We bought this home with the intention of having a home that could be comfortable for the two of us, but could also accommodate our children and grandchildren for holidays and vacations.  For me, choosing a table that has leaves to extend or reduce the length seemed like the wisest choice.

Bassett Rectangular Dining TableThe shape of your table is another factor to consider.  This table by Bassett was a strong contender for me, I love the sturdy look, and at $1,100 a great value.  Sadly, with no leaves and at only 84″ this wasn’t the table for me.  If you don’t need as large of a table as I anticipate needing, this could be the table for you.

Dining table with a metal topWhat do you want your table to be made of? Would you like a table with a metal top?  This is a great farmhouse style table that would certainly be sturdy and hold up to hot dishes, crayons, play doh and more!

Restoration Hardware English Farmhouse TableWhat kind of finish do you want?  What color?  These are all part of how to choose a dining table.  I wanted a table top that was not something I had to worry about water rings.  I want my granddaughters to be able to sit and color at the table anytime they want, not have to wait for me to put down a table pad.Will you be using your table for anything other than dining?  I know I will use this table for dining, and for crafts, working jigsaw puzzles, decorating cookies and anything else we decide!  I liked this table from Restoration Hardware, but it only comes in one size, it is not available with leaves to extend or shorten as the need arises.  


Rectangular Dining Table by Riverside FurnitureStyle is certainly part of the decision in choosing a dining table.  Are you in love with modern?  Do you want something really rustic?  I love the legs on this table by Riverside Furniture.  What I didn’t love about this one is that the tabletop is the same finish as the legs.  I was afraid that I would be disappointed that this table would look too formal for our casual dining.  I have chosen to decorate my home in a coastal cottage style.  Comfortable but pretty.  A farmhouse style table is perfect for my tavern room.

Flatiron table from Restoration HardwareI considered this table from Restoration Hardware quite briefly, since upon running my hand across it in the store I got a splinter. That would not do for my granddaughters at all, let alone other guests.  My son has this table in a smaller size and waxed it with many coats of wax so he does not have such a rough surface.

Miller Large Dining Table from Ethan Allen

OCT2015_MILLER_221_flipThis table ran a close second to the one I decided upon.  This is the Miller Large Rustic dining table from Ethan Allen.  The top is beautiful, but not quite as finished as I was looking for.  This one does come with two leaves so it extends to 108″, only 4″ shorter than the table I decided upon!

Delivery Day of my new tableSee that folding table and those blue patio chairs?  I was so excited when delivery day finally arrived!  I was going to be able to relegate the folding table to craft projects and yard sales!

My new dining table!

A new dining tableSo, what did I decide upon?  This is it!  Coastal Living Retreat dining table purchased through Wayfair.  I am just thrilled with the way it looks, how it feels, and how it fills the space.

DSC_0451A New Dining Table for Chloe CrabtreeHere it is, our beautiful table that will play host to dinners and games and family gatherings for years and years to come!  The above picture shows the table with just one of the leaves.  Now the decision about chairs.  I love the chairs I got for the table, but now do I want a long bench for the backside?  Input readers?  the two large upholstered chairs were too low and have now been relocated to the living room!  News and pictures on that will come later!

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  1. Excellent choice and I’m excited to see the tablescapes that will grace this table. You displayed so many choices and they all had potential and I loved how you thought each one through. We’ve had the same dining room furniture since we built our home 36 years ago. It has two leaves which we seldom use but it has served us well. I would love to have a new set, one that is a bit more contemporary. I’m putting one on my wishlist, fingers crossed!

    1. Thank you Sandra, I am looking forward to hosting many meals at this table. It took me a very long time to sort out which one was “the one”, but I know I will be happy with my table. It sounds like it might be time for a new table for you too!

  2. I too have been on a table “journey”…but journey has a different end.
    I too was looking for a table, one that extends, and apparently that right there shortens the list. Then, I wanted one that goes to 120″, but starts smaller….that too shortened the list.
    But problem is two fold…One we have a table…it extends to 95”..I use this table for everything….it is dining table, farm table, craft table…..
    I felt odd paying $0,000 for a table that I would no longer be able to use. After all, 90% of the time it’s just the two of us now, but we need to be able to extend it often enough to consider a larger table. So, for now, we are going to buy through a friend, a large 10′ plywood sheet for those really large table times….Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter etc… and that will hold the 12-14 people we need to seat.
    Second we bought two new chairs, to bring the “everyday” larger gatherings to 8…when we need more seating, we will use bistros or rent…
    Finding a table….it is not as simple as I thought….
    Love your table…its terrific…

    1. Oh, my Nancy, you have been on a journey, haven’t you. You know, I also used a large piece of plywood on top of a folding table before I finally got this one. Thanks for commenting and for stopping by!

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